Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Russian Guns

OK, strictly speaking, the first gun referred to here isn't all that new, its imminent arrival having been announced back in December, nevertheless I thought it was well worth a second look

This is the 1944 model of the classic Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, reproduced here in real wood and steel by Zeta Lab. It is available from E-Hobby Asia, who made the above video, and comes with a leather and canvas sling, and a built in/on resin, side folding bayonet for that extra little touch of authenticity, not to mention menace, on the skirmish field or as part of a living history display

The Mosin Nagant in all its glory

Being a springer, you won't have any worries where gas and batteries are concerned, and the FPS comes in at a fairly reasonable 360-380, nothing out of the ordinary for a single shot bolt action sniper. It holds 10 rounds of 6mm ammunition, loaded via an opening in the underside of the gun, which might make reloading a little troublesome in the heat of a skirmish, but hey, small price to pay in my opinion for a gun that looks this good, and when you know something of the pedigree and history of the 'real steel'

Female Russian snipers, trusty weapons in hand, pictured at Konigsberg
Side views of the MG, showing sling points and bayonet folded to the right

The second gun to have caught my eye recently is a pistol. KWA are set to release the TKV 33, a version of the classic Tokarev TT-33 pistol, built around their NS2/System 7 full GBB mechanism

I've had a gander on the KWA website and can see no sign, nor mention, of it anywhere, not even in the news section. However, take a trip over to YouTube, or better still take a look at the following video right here, and you will see it proudly perched on a display stand at the 2010 Shot Show in the USA

Both guns would look equally fine as part and parcel of a WW2 Russian impression, or as captured, trophy pieces wielded by a member of the Wehrmacht or Waffen SS. They are certainly added to my 'can't wait to see those beauties' list and, well, I can't wait to see them. How about you?

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