Monday, 23 May 2011

First Legion: On the march!

First Legion have just announced the release of a raft load of new figures for a number of their ranges, and posted a few very tantalising images of figures on their workbench page

As always, I've chosen to concentrate here on figures that particularly interest me so, if you want more details, I would advise you take a look at their website and fill your boots. All I can say is, you'd better have big boots!

First up, their new Glory Of Rome range is up and running with eight legionaries now available to buy

There are lots more figures planned for this range, including their German enemies [hence my interest in the series] as well as these little beauties

This mounted legate is imperious indeed. A very fitting command figure for the legion

Their flagship Napoleonic range sees the addition of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, 17 figures in all, in very dynamic and animated poses, perfectly designed to form square against the charging French cavalry at Waterloo. They are now available to buy

World War Two collectors, like myself, haven't been left out. Several DAK infantry figures have been released, as well as a beautifully modelled and cleverly designed version of the Opel Blitz truck, with cargo, to be purchased separately, should you want it

The supplies are sold separately as a complete set, however, the vehicle comes with a host of features; removable metal support frames, a removable canvas cover, three benches [two of which can be taken out] in the rear for seated figures, an opening tailgate and a crank handle you can put in the grill at the front. I wonder how long it will be before we see this in field grey for Stalingrad?

Speaking of which, they have also added four tank riders, wrapped up for the winter, to their Stalingrad range. Each comes with a separate base so they can be displayed either astride their steel steed or lying and crouching on the ground taking advantage of any available cover

Some while ago now, the company released a magnificent 150mm howitzer and crew set. They are now selling the gun and crew figures [5 in all] separately, making it a) a little easier to spread the load and afford the complete set should you want it, and b) possible to use the crew figures for an altogether different gun!

If you're a collector of their Crusades range, then you can take pleasure from the fact that they have added five more Mamluks to the series, and very colourful they are, too

To finish, two more teasers from the workbench. I'm running out of superlatives to describe this company's products and, just for now at any rate, I'm not going to try. The pictures are more than capable of speaking for themselves, and they do a much better job than I can. Adieu!

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