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Airsoft Arms and Accessories: MP9 and Lonex Mags

Welcome to July

I spent yesterday at my regular airsoft site, Fireball, playing a very enjoyable series of games in near perfect weather conditions and whilst there I came across a couple of items of kit I liked very much indeed

The first was a wind-up mag with a difference. Instead of spending forever winding up the little plastic wheel protruding from the underside of the magazine casing, or using a key, rather like the ones you used to use as a child when you played with your clockwork train set, and which you have probably already lost in some safe zone or other, you simply open up the bottom of the magazine to reveal the winding mechanism and pull a wire a few times. Just in case you can't picture what I've just described, I've included a couple of images from ebairsoft

At over $25 a pop they are by no means the cheapest hi-cap M4 magazine you can buy, but the reviews on the web site are excellent and the handful of guys at Fireball who already own some were similarly impressed when I spoke to them yesterday

Reviews from ebairsoft

This is really a 5 stars one !
Fill it, pull 5/6 times the small rope and you're done.
I tested 4 of them with :
Marui M4A1 933
JinJong M4 CQB
JinJong G36 with M4 magazines adapter
Never failed nor "holes" in short, long and extra long burts.
Real capacity is 357 +/-1 USABLE rounds plus 25 rounds to engage the spring.
The finishing is raw-steel like with that blue effect which is making it great !
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

Bought 2 of these and instantly bought another 2 as they really are that good!
Everyone at my local airsoft site asks about these when they see them and my winding hicaps are purely a back up now I have 4 of these superb mags. Needless to say I'll be ordering a few more!
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

I used my only two Lonex mags at this past weekend's game and was blown away at how well the magazine works. It takes but a few pulls of the metal wire and the magazine is ready to go. I could not believe that it would unload a full magazine; no more pulls of the wire were needed. The magazine only had about a dozen or so BBS left in it. If more pulls are needed or a quick re-load of the magazine is required it can be done very quickly. The construction seems pretty good. I have used them in my ECHO 1 XCR and it fed the BBS perfectly.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

The lads at Fireball got theirs from the above mentioned retailer, and they are available on ebay as well, so I'm told

The other item I came across yesterday was a gun, the KWA MP9 GBB pistol. The words 'outstanding' and 'blown away' are used far too often these days but in my opinion they are well warranted where this particular weapon is concerned

Two of the Fireball regulars brought one along yesterday and I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to fire both of them. Suffice to say, I had a smile on my face as wide as I don't know what, and I've already decided to put it at the top of my wish list

This is what it looks like, just in case you haven't seen it.....

The KWA version of the MP9, available from ebairsoft

It's also available from Landwarrior Airsoft in the UK
.....and this is what it sounds like, and shoots like

The rate of fire is awesome and it sounds tremendous, so expect to get through the 48 round magazine in the blink of an eye. Fill the magazine with your gas of choice and it will shoot 3-4 lots of BBs before needing a top up. You may choose to buy a spare mag or two, but they will set you back around £40 each. The gun itself is around the £200 mark

Spare mag and single point sling for the MP9, also available from Landwarrior Airsoft

More from me later. Happy hunting

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Fireball Airsoft said...

well having got both , thought give my views , lonex mags are great fill 360 bbs wind 10 or so times before hand by pulling the cord then you good to go until empty or 5-6 bbs left no more winding at all , thou they are made like real steel mags so you ned to wd40 or lube the outer metal from time to time to prevent rust - just dont let the wd40 near the insides lol - ebair if you buy them in pairs are about £15 posted bargain :)

mp9 what can i say the most fun i have had with a gun period ordered 2 more mags to take me to 4 today :) they hold 48 bbs eacjh and fit in mp5 mag pouchs hold a ton of gas if you get from land warrior or i got my from jd airsoft in cannock they come in about 320 on green but if you import you risk nbeen on the 400+ on green but there is a valve you can buy to lower roll on the 17 and fireball black ops where i get to play with it again :)