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King and Country: Dispatches

It's that time of the month again and so I bring you, this month on time, news of some of the latest releases and retirements from K&C

As always, further details are available on the K&C website

“On Parade in Copenhagen”

To any visitor to Denmark’s capital city the soldiers of the Royal Life Guards are an “iconic” sight. Everyday they parade from their barracks in central Copenhagen to the Royal Palace to perform Guard Duties protecting the sovereign.

Usually they wear their dark blue dress uniforms…On very special royal and state occasions they change to their red tunics.

CE010 “Marching Guardsman w/Rifle”

CE016-1, CE016-2, CE016-3 “Standing-At-Ease Guardsman”


“Battling Johnny Turk!”

As K&C dealers and collectors already know we have produced a large number of Australian Light Horse figures as part of our depiction of the Battle of Beersheba in 1917. With the great success of that range we’ve decided to expand and develop more units that also fought in the campaigns in the Middle East during the 1914/18 War. This first new release focuses on the British infantry…

ME001 “Officer w/Pistol & Whistle”

ME002 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”

ME003 “Standing Firing Rifle”

ME004 “Charging”

ME005 “Attacking”

ME006 “Lying Prone Lewis Gunner”
Special Uniform Details: All of our new infantry figures belong to the 8th.Btn Lancashire Fusiliers who fought in Egypt, Gallipoli and Palestine during the war. They are all wearing the tropical solar “topi” sun helmet with the regimental flash on the left side.

The men are wearing a mix of heavy wool tunics (more suitable for the Western Front) and KD (khaki drill) shorts with long socks and puttees.

The officer wears a complete set of KD (tunic and trousers) in contrast to his men.


Our latest United States Army Air Force figures, aircraft and vehicle make a contrast to our soldiers of the Middle East and are a nice little bonus for our “Warbird” collectors…

AF019 “Flight Commander”

AF020 “Pilot w/Map”

AF021 “Synchronize Your Watches!”

AF022 “Kneeling Pilot”


The story of the first African American pilots in the U.S. Army Air Force has been told in books, documentaries and movies…Rarely, if at all, have they appeared in miniature…Until now…K&C have produced four separate items that pay tribute to the officers and men who had to overcome many obstacles just to be allowed to fly and fight for their country during WW2.

AF023 “Capt. Lee ‘Buddy’ Archer”

AF028 “Colonel Benjamin O.Davis”

The commander of the all-black 332nd Fighter Group.

AF029 “The ‘Follow-Me’ Jeep”

AF030 “ North American P.51D Mustang”

Of all the Mustangs that flew it was the “D” model that was the most famous….and most numerous with over 8,100 built and flown.

Easily recognized by the bubble-top canopy it was the perfect escort fighter for the USAAF’s B17’s and B24’s bombing Hitler’s Third Reich.

Our latest K&C warbird belongs to the all black 332nd Fighter Group, the famous “Red Tails” and is one of the 301st. Fighter Squadron’s P51’s. Nicknamed “Creamer’s Dream” it’s in typical late war natural metal finish except for the red nose and tail plus yellow wing stripes.

Just 250 have been produced


Finally we introduce two more groundcrew figures that help bring any aircraft or airfield display alive….

AF026 “Standing Mechanic”

AF027 “Sitting Mechanic”


Following the success of our first two “Lawrence” figures we are adding two more….

LoA003 “Sheik Auda Abu Tayi”

LoA004 “Arab Flagbearer”

Although an army marches on its feet…it’s nice to get a lift now and then.
Here are two more new versions of our very popular Morris CS8 15cwt. trucks.

FOB091 “Morris CS8 Truck (BEF)”

FOB097 “Bomb Disposal Morris CS8”

“Who’s Guarding The Home Guard?”

After the Fall of France when Britain stood alone against the might of Hitler’s war machine a body of men came forward to help defend the country in its greatest hour of need.

They were originally called the Local Defence Volunteers and were recruited from those too old…or too young to join the regular army.

Soon however they became better known as…”The Home Guard”

Here at K&C we’ve always had a “soft-spot” for these young and old warriors who made up in real fighting spirit what they may have lacked in actual fighting abilities….

FOB077 “Standing Home Guard Major”

FOB081 “Marching Tommy”

FOB082 “The Captain”

FOB083 “The Sergeant”

FOB084 “The Scrounger”

FOB085 “The Mummy’s Boy”

FOB088 “The Old Soldier”

And whilst we're on the subject of old soldiers [if you can bring yourself to forgive the awful link] here are the retirements for this month
AE007 Wrapping The Mummy
AE019 Cleopatra's Body Guard
AE021 Banquet Guests Set 1
AE022 Banquet Guests Set 2
AE023 Dancing Girls
AE024 Court Musicians
AE028 Nubian Slave Guard
AE030 Master of Ceremonies 

AE031 The Drummer
AF006 Army Air Corps Mechanics
AF007 Lt.Dick Rabb
AF008 The New Boy
AF009 Capt.Nick Magura
AF010 Pointing MP
AK050 Panzer III Tank
EA041 Universal Carrier
IC033 Chinese General Staff Set
LAH092 Seaman Presenting Arms
LAH094 Seaman Flagbearer 

RTA027 Juan A. Badillo, TX - Kneeling Loading Rifle 

Until next time, happy hunting!      

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