Friday, 18 April 2014

First Legion: Latest Releases

Following hot on the heels of the latest figures to be released for their ACW and Samurai ranges, here are a few more figures from First Legion due to be shipped in early May

First, sets GERSTAL050-GERSTAL053 are two summer Germans at rest and two winter Germans at rest.   We like to think of these figures as essentially being the same two men showing how they would have appeared at the start of the battle [Stalingrad] and how they appeared closer to the final German defeat.

Next we have sets DAK025-DAK031 “Fighting” DAK Infantry. 

Up to now, the range has showcased moving and resting DAK figures. These are the first true combat figures for the range which means of course that an enemy/allied release is not too far off! 

Finally, following up the success of our multiple figure vignette sets “Death of Lannes” and “French Camp Life” we are extremely pleased to commence the pre-order of NAP0443-NAP0448 “Holy Virgin of Smolensk” vignette sets. These figures depict the evening before the battle of Borodino when the Virgin of Smolensk Icon was paraded before the Imperial Russian Army to steel their nerves for the horrors that would come the following morning.    

The DAK, Stalingrad, and Napoleon Europe vignette are pre-orders shipping early May in just a few short weeks.  

And if that wasn't enough, how about a couple of 'sneak peaks' to get you salivating even further. First up, an utterly majestic looking Russian Uhlan officer for their flagship Napoleonic range, followed by the first regiment in yet another new range of figures just announced

First Legion is extremely pleased to present our newest figure range, the Anglo-Zulu War!!!  Part of a larger plan to cover the wars of the British Empire, we are launching the range with the iconic Great British 24th Regiment of Foot.   

Elements of the regiment were heavily engaged in the desperate and heroic defense at Rorke's Drift where less than 150 British soldiers held off a Zulu force numbering close to 4,000. In this action, the 24th Foot were awarded more Victoria Crosses than any other single regiment in a single action in British military history.    

Around the same time, the bulk of the regiment was decimated at the Battle of Isandlwana where over confidence led to the annihilation of the British and allied forces. 

Happy Hunting! 

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