Sunday, 1 June 2014

Italian Job

Please excuse the pun, if that's an accurate definition of what it is, but I couldn't resist

The second item to catch my eye from the current issue of TSC was a write up on the March LTSS and a reference therein to an Italian figure manufacturer by the name of Allotoys

They are the manufacturing arm of the Saimex toy soldier business, in the same way that Heritage Miniatures is the figure making side of Maison Militaire, and they aren't exactly new boys on the block, already having quite a few figures on the market. A quick glance at the Saimex website will confirm this

The reference in the magazine features a new product, a limited edition model of Hitler and Mussolini riding in an open topped limousine during the Fuhrer's visit to Italy in 1938. I can't fine pictures of this yet on the website so I've taken the liberty of snapping a couple from the magazine just to give you a flavour of what the final piece will look like

As a collector of another company's Berlin '38 series this has definitely got me interested and, as the author of the article in TSC so astutely observes, it certainly looks good enough to give some of the bigger boys a run for their money

Whilst taking a closer look at the Saimex website I saw these rather attractive looking pieces of street furniture that I reckon would be ideal for any Nazi Germany street scene diorama

One pillar costs 16 Euros, or roughly £16. Not bad!

Happy Hunting!

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