Thursday, 6 January 2011

A 'Must Have' for 2011?

A small word of warning. You will need deep pockets, and somewhere pretty special to show this off to its full potential, but in my humble opinion the new German railway sets being produced by Figarti could well be one of the scenic highlights of 2011, although some of the pieces have been available since last year. I was able to see a few of them at the Birmingham Toy Soldier show in October and they are pretty special

Sold under the title of 'German Reichsbahn' there are 11 'new' pieces currently available and I have included pictures of all of them right here. There is also a Coaling Crane, and two sets of tank defenders, consisting of a couple of anti-aircraft machine gunners and two riflemen with a spotter, all of which could be used alongside these new railway pieces. Add to that the gargantuan 60cm Karl Morser artillery piece, together with its rail transporter, and you have a series, quite frankly, without parallel, but not inexpensive

Coaling Crane
Anti-aircraft Machine Gun Team
Riflemen and Spotter

The Karl Morser Artillery Piece and Rail Transporter
The BR-52 Locomotive
Flatbed Wagon
Gondola Wagon
Boxcar Wagon
Light Flatcar Wagon
Track Barrier
Water Pump
Low Goods Wagon
Passenger Wagon
Additional Track

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