Sunday, 16 January 2011

Terrific Terrain

I was browsing the Treefrog Treasures Toy Soldier forum the other night and came across a post from a fellow First Legion collector, which included some photos of a diorama he had just had built by Dave over at TM Terrain

I was pretty impressed, not that Dave's work is in any way new to me, and so I thought I'd put some of the shots up here. Dave's work has featured in various wargame and toy soldier magazines over the years, as well as being used by a number of toy soldier dealers to display their figures and vehicles on at shows. He can turn his hand to anything and produces terrain and scenic items in a variety of scales for wargamers, toy soldier collectors, model makers, anybody in fact who needs some terrain to display something on!

Just in case you were wondering how good this might look with the addition of a few judiciously placed First Legion figures, here are three pictures taken by the man himself, Dave of TMT, at a recent toy soldier show in London where this diorama was on display

Germans prepare to overrun the town. Little do they know, the Russians are lying in wait!

There's plenty more eye candy over on the TMT site. Just click on any of the links here and prepare to spend a few hours drooling over the keyboard! Enjoy!

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