Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Releases from First Legion

Well, here I am again, taking a very brief glimpse at a handful of new releases from Matt and the team at First Legion

They aren't currently available but will shortly be up on the site for pre-order. First up, four German tank riders well and truly wrapped up for the winter battles in Stalingrad. Designed to complement the already released winter version of the Panzer III, these tankers will come in two versions, one with bases as shown in the photo, and one without

Ready for winter

Next up, enemy for the Military Order Crusaders, a selection of Mamluk Turks, resplendent in their intricately detailed armour and beautifully emblazoned shields

The Fall of Acre range is proving to be one of the company's most popular. If you haven't already seen my previous posts on the Crusaders, then take a look, or pop over to the company website, and I'm sure you will understand why. I'm certainly not alone in looking forward to the release date!

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