Friday, 22 November 2013

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: November Releases

The latest releases from TGM, courtesy of Sierra Toy Soldier in California

  • FFL010 -- Mounted Legionnaire - Our latest addition to our mounted troops in the form of a stationary Legionnaire surveying the land ahead for any potential trouble. Wearing a kepi and fully kitted out for a long haul in the desert this will make an excellent addition to your boys in blue collection!
  • FFL011C -- Marching Legionnaire - A new version of our legionnaires this time with a revised lighter back pack load, trousers tucked into gaiters and different headwear to the first batch.
  • FFL011D -- Marching Legionnaire 

Ancient Briton and Celts

  • ABC007 -- Head-hunter - Another fine edition to our ABC series in the form of a beautifully decorated young Celt who has just collected a Roman head as a trophy!

WWII German forces

  • BER004A -- Directing Traffic - is a fine pose with our policeman beckoning on traffic with one hand whilst halting traffic with the other hand. Comes in traditional brown coat and red kepi for the A version with the B version coming in a blue coat to represent the Berlin police detachment of the SA.
  • BER004B -- Directing Traffic 
  • BER005A -- At Ease - comprises an officer with hands behind his back looking to the left. Will look great as per our photo inspecting BER006 or just as a casual parade observer. Once again available as an A brown coat version or a B blue coat version.
  • BER005B - At Ease 
  • BER006A -- Attention - comprises an SA policeman stood to attention, will work great as a multiple set or as an individual. Comes in an A and B version same as BER005/006.
  • BER006B -- Attention 
  • BER009 -- Politzei Kubelsitzwagen - A very unique addition to our BER range in the form of a an open top police car with SA Police driver. I love the look of these 1930's cars and I can only imagine what fun it must have been driving a car with no doors or a roof - seat belts were probably not an option then either! As this is a parade version there is not a speck of dirt on our vehicle, another SS Police version will be available later with a more worn look!
  • TG-FREE007 -- Fritz Bayerlein - Club Figure 007 is Fritz Bayerlein the Defender of Normandy! Bayerlein was a General in the German army who served under Rommel in North Africa. He was later posted to Hungary with Panzer lehr, where he was instrumental in helping the Archbishop of Hungary from preventing the deporting of Jews in his area of operations. Panzer Lehr moved to Normandy during the Allied invasion in 1944 where it was virtually decimated, with Bayerlein only narrowly escaping the Allied carpet bombing of his division. Bayerleins division, Panzer lehr took part in the battle of the Bulge and then moved to the Ruhr pocket where they surrendered to the Americans in April 1945. Bayerlein was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for his service to the Reich during WW2
  • V005 -- Natter - comes with 4 figures including Professor Bachem , Lothar Sieber the test pilot and two Luftwaffe mechanics.
  • WH003 -- German Cavalry - Following on from our very successful earlier release we have now produced two more German cavalry figures. These new pieces are wearing greatcoats and would appear to be on 'picket duty' or on a short range 'scouting' mission due to the light equipment carried by horse and rider. WH003 scans ahead through binoculars whilst his comrade WH004 takes a look behind to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises.
  • WH004 -- German Cavalry 

World War One

  • GW017 -- Workshop Set - comprises 2 figures, table and pushbike. Will look ideal with our A7 tank released earlier in the year or with a WW1 vintage aircraft. Our set comprises mechanic repairing Maxim machine gun whilst an officer looks on, contemplating the next ground or aerial offensive maybe?

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