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Thomas Gunn: New Releases

Hello again. A little late getting this up on the blog but here is the latest newsletter from TGM outlining their releases for April

Dear All

Well this is an exciting month for us with the release of our first tank. There were so many vehicles to choose from it was difficult to know where to start. I am hoping that our final choice and price bracket meets with general approval! 

The new NAPS figures are also in my opinion going to nicely fill out the French line a little more, with some British infantry following in a couple of months. The NAP line has been very successful so far along with the ATW series and I thank all of those who bought from us and support us in these 2 new series

Our website has now been updated and a big thanks to Dave Reynolds (who is also a TGM collector) for all his help with this, a labour of love I think for him!

Last but not least some of you will know Guy Meire from the Treefrog Forum; I would personally like to thank him for his research with regards to our first Soviet tank. Although Guy did not know the exact vehicle we were producing, his research into captured German vehicles used by the Russians was invaluable

NAP007  Imperial Guard Kneeling to repel, features a French infantry soldier in the classic kneeling repel pose with bayonet fitted. The A version comes with a soldier wearing a hat and blue trousers whilst the B version offers a figure wearing cream, tan trousers with no hat and a nasty looking head wound! Limited to 150 of each version and priced at $34 each

NAP008  Imperial Guard Standing Repel, one of my favourite poses so far! A standing Guardsman with bayonet fitted ready to repel the British cavalry! The A version comes with blue trousers and the B version with cream, white trousers. Limited to 150 of each version and priced at $34 each

NAP009  Imperial Guard Standing Reload: A Guardsman drops a ball down the barrel of his musket having just let off a salvo, the next stage of the reload would be to pack everything down with his ramrod. The A version comes in the standard blue trousers and the B version comes in grey trousers and wears no hat. Limited to 150 of each version and priced at $34 each

NAP010  Imperial Guard Standing Reload with Ramrod: The last stage of the reload, the whole package of ball, wadding and gunpowder charge is then rammed down the barrel before the Guardsman brings the musket to his shoulder and fires again. The A version comes with blue trousers and the B version comes with tan trousers. Limited to 150 of each version with the normal price of $34 maintained

From Frenchies 'somewhere in Europe' we turn our attention to American Airborne troops 'somewhere in France'

ATW003  House Party Part 1: One of our most successful series to date the American Airborne soldier! This new set features 2 soldiers about to storm a suspect German held house/gun emplacement. The lead man prepares to pull the pin on a grenade whilst his buddy rapidly slips another clip out of his rifle mounted ammo pouch and into his carbine

The A version sees our figures dressed as members of the 101st Screaming Eagles Airborne Division. The B version features 2 ‘Pathfinders’ from the 82nd AB Division sporting their unique pattern camouflage uniforms! In real life this was achieved by painting olive drab green paint over the uniform and sometimes even over their webbing whilst wearing it! Both sets limited to 150 pieces and priced at $64

In addition to the American Airborne troops just mentioned TGM are also releasing some additional British Para's and Commandos

PARA008/COMM005  Tank Riders Part 2. Our final set of tank riders for the Para/Commando series! Featuring a Private laden down with a 2 inch mortar and ammo case, taking the weight off his feet by resting his butt on a wooden box! The second figure, a Corporal, kneels down whilst cradling a Bren gun

Both figures work nicely with last months release ‘Tank Riders Part 1’ and all we need now is an Allied tank of our own for these boys to hitch a ride on! Limited to 150 sets in both cases and priced at $64

Last, but by no means least, TGM's first foray into the world of the WW2 tank, and what a little cracker it is, too! Available in three colour schemes, one of them being Russian and representing a captured vehicle, most WW2 collectors will probably be able to find a place for this little beauty. I know I will!

SS034 Hetzer Our first tank and she’s a beauty! The Hetzer was yet another German tank based on the 38 tonne chassis from Czechoslovakia. Fitted with a 7.5cm cannon and a new armoured cabin with sloping armour this potent tank hunter was a source of great anxiety for the Allies. Around 2,600 of these vehicles were built as tank hunters; other versions included a flamethrower and tank recovery vehicle

The Western Front version comes in a typical 3 tone camouflage pattern and is limited to 199 pieces. The winter version comes in a whitewash pattern with battle damaged paint to the front and side where enemy shells have ricocheted off. The winter version is also limited to 199 vehicles

SOV001 Soviet Hetzer. Hopefully something of a surprise for some people! I was inspired and intrigued by photographs of a captured Hetzer driving through Sofia in April 1945, for our first Eastern Front vehicle. To make it slightly different from our German Hetzer offerings, I have included a Russian tank rider officer armed with a Panzerfaust, who sits nicely on the back

Only 100 of this model have been made and as such it is one of our rarest vehicles made so far. Priced at $175 this is bound to be a collector’s vehicle, highly sought after in the future. The WF and winterised versions will retail at $145 each

So, there you have it, the latest releases from TGM. Decisions, decisions! Happy [tank] hunting!!

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