Sunday, 13 March 2011

Collectors Showcase Come Up Trumps

A while ago I wrote a piece about the Collectors Showcase depiction of the Lichterfelde Barracks in Berlin, the once proud home of Hitler's Lifeguard regiment, the LAH. At the time of writing I didn't actually own one but I'm delighted to say that is no longer the case

A couple of weeks ago I took receipt of a rather large, brown cardboard box from TM Terrain inside which were three more boxes, each plain white save for a colourful label stuck on the top declaring its contents. It's taken me a while to break them open and now that I have, I'm quite simply delighted

I bought the entire facade comprising the central building and two annexes and they are currently lying on the table in my hobbies room awaiting assembly. Save the odd paint chip here and there, easily remedied should I feel inclined to bother, they survived their trip from China, via the US, via TM Terrain, safe and sound and look well and truly marvellous, even in their unassembled state

The entire facade, laid out in pieces
The flags and Swastika banners are removable, should you not be inclined to display them
I will put up more pictures as soon as I've put the 20 pieces together, and even more once I've bought some more soldiers to display on it. I will keep you posted

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