Sunday, 5 June 2011

Monster Mortar

If you haven't seen the latest edition of Toy Soldier Collector, then you won't be aware of the pun adorning the front cover, alongside the very impressive photo of one of Figarti's latest offerings

I reported on this piece very briefly some time ago as part of a post on the company's new Reichsbahn series, depicting elements of the huge railway network responsible for moving men and materiel throughout the Reich during the years of the Nazi regime

Figarti have been around in earnest since the early noughties and have managed to carve out a reputation for producing finely detailed, often very intricate, models many of which depict slightly more unusual subjects, and some of which are quite large. Nothing, however, quite as large as this

Actually, that's not quite true, because they also make this

Figarti's version of the Leopold railway gun

Now that really is a BIG GUN!

Anyway, you get the picture. This model is very large, so you will need a fair amount of space to display it in. You will also need a fair bit of folding money, something in the region of £330, but you get a whole lotta bang for your buck with this model [ouch!]

The real thing, the Karl-Gerat [Karl Morser] was an impressive piece of German artillery and although I haven't been blessed with the opportunity to see it in the flesh just yet, if the photos in TSC and elsewhere are anything to go by then the model is going to be just as spectacular

As you can see from the above photo the model is intricately detailed and comes with rails running around the outside, tools to mount on the front, a number of moving parts and three crew figures

Figarti will also be producing a set of two additional crew figures, the rail transporter for the mortar, and the shell loader, all pictured below

The shell loader, based on a Panzer IV chassis, comes with shells and two crew figures and will be priced at around £195
I never realised that investing in the railways could be quite such an exciting prospect

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