Thursday, 2 June 2011

King and Country Dispatches

It's June 1st, at least it was when I wrote this, so it must be time for the latest dispatches from K+C, and indeed it is. Although this is becoming a regular feature of the blog, this time around I am going to keep it very short, because there's nothing in the latest dispatches that particularly interests me, nothing at least that hasn't already been reported on in previous posts

The P-47 Thunderbolt is now available, together with a number of crew figures, as are the first two of the Volkswagen at War series, the Luftwaffe and Waffen SS versions. Also available this month are three more Sons of Empire figures, a selection of prone GIs for the D-Day Landings range, together with a lovely model of the M7 Priest SPG, and later in the month that quirky and historically interesting figure of Winston Churchill test firing the Tommy gun

Due for release in July and August are a couple of RAF Bedford fuel bowsers, a Hawker Typhoon Mark 1B, a new Napoleonic French line infantry regiment, one or two additions to the Afrika Korps range, including the third in the VAW series, and some more Australian and Turkish infantry for 1917

Heading for the happy hunting ground are a couple of Battle of the Bulge German vehicles, some First World War British infantry and some French Napoleonics as well as one or two other bits and pieces

So, a very short post and nothing for me to get too excited about. As always, full details are available on the K+C website and on the K+C UK website

Happy hunting

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