Sunday, 6 March 2011

March Woodland at Fireball

Welcome everyone to my first post for March. The subject of this missive? My first airsoft outing since the arrival of Matthew, our very own little soldier, and a game I have very much been looking forward to, I can tell you

I took myself down to my regular club, Fireball Squadron, on Staurday for the monthly woodland game and had an absolute ball. The game scenarios were written by Nick, aka Blackblood, one of the management team and were mighty challenging if, like me, you happened to be on the Red Team since we were outnumbered by approximately 2 to 1

The game was very well attended, as hopefully you will be able to see from some of the photos included here, and we used the whole site from Area 51 at the one end right the way up to the Drugs Den at the other. The mission objectives involved quite a lot of carrying and escorting of various 'cargo' and 'packages' and we certainly covered some ground. My legs, and to be honest quite a few other pats of my body too, have certainly been feeling the consequences today

The first set of photos are courtesy of yours truly, taken on my i-phone 3 and probably not terribly good quality

Four shots from in and around the safe zone prior to the game and during morning briefing

Members of the Red Team, 'playing' the British Army/SF, trying to look mean , moody and menacing

'Dude' and his ATAC Masada. I'm struggling to decide which is the sexier!

No such problem here. I'm sure Chris won't mind me saying so!
One of the new rules we introduced at the last AGM, implemented for the first time at this game, is Knife Kills, which up until now we haven't allowed. To be accepted as a KK the attacking player has to sneak up on the unsuspecting enemy, tap him or her on the shoulder and physically show the player the knife he is holding, which must, of course, be made of rubber or some other suitably flexible and 'bendy' material. Rubber chickens, however, are not allowed, and you can't simply saunter up to someone and whisper in their ear, unless of course you have something else entirely on your mind!

During the afternoon game I decide to try on one of my latest purchases. Overall, I have to say I was quite pleased with the look, however, I think I had it on a little too tight and before long the top of the mask was really digging in to my forehead. I also think it would probably look better with a helmet or a bandana. The ball cap didn't really sit too comfortably as I couldn't pull the peak down far enough

Having never worn gauze goggles or face masks before I found this a little strange and, if anything, something of a strain on my eyes, but I was pleased with it. It certainly offers good face protection and looks pretty scary into the bargain
The following pictures were taken by Nick, on a fancy looking camera with a big round lense on the front, and as usual there are more to see on our website

'Snippy' the Red Team medic taking a well earned breather

Desperately trying to defend Border Crossing.....

.....we came, we SAWed, but sadly didn't conquer

Shots of members of the Red Team in various states of preparedness

And finally, yours truly in alternative face protection
The following two video clips show the Yellow Team defending Dunlop, one of the sites bases, and the Red Team in the process of escorting a number of VIPs from one end of the site to the other. Not an easy mission

So, that's about it for the March game. There will be another one on the first Saturday in April, not to mention the WW2 Filmsim game later that month, more details of which will appear in a later post

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