Saturday, 19 March 2011

Must Have More Camo

Hi there folks

Like a lot of airsofters, no doubt, I have quite a few sets of tactical clothing hanging up in a wardrobe, some of which haven't seen the light of day for quite some considerable time. Lately, I have tended to stick to one outfit, namely the one that when I first started out in the hobby I swore I would never own, my US made Multicam. I absolutely love it

Now officially 'mad for Multicam' I simply couldn't resist drooling over this item in the latest issue of Airsoft International. Taking up a whole page in their 'Gear Zone' section is an 'infovert' for a soon to be released boot from Magnum. Feast your eyes on this little beauty and tell me you don't love it to pieces!

If I'm honest, and I like to be, I'm not too sure the sole works that well. I'd have to see it in the flesh, but from the photos it doesn't have quite the same 'feel' as the rest of the boot. Mind you, who's going to see it? Chances are, it will be caked in mud in no time!

Magnum are well known for 'engineering' exceptionally good quality footwear and according to the accompanying advertising copy, this one should be no exception. A list of features follows, but amongst others it incorporates Magnum's 'hydrophobic surface enhancement system' which means it repels water and other liquids, including blood reassuringly enough, like a duck! It will also be equipped with a 'Tec-Tuff' leather toe-guard, 'sandproof ventilator technology' and a moisture wicking mesh lining making it extremely lightweight, whilst at the same time being highly breathable and durable

And so to the TM littered, jargon laden features list. I simply love some of the words these people are paid to come up with!

The Spider 8.1 Desert Multicam HPI Boot

    •    ion-mask™ hydrophobic surface enhancement
    •    Genuine Crye MultiCam® fabric
    •    Leather / 1650 denier ballistic nylon upper
    •    Tec-Tuff leather toeguard resists snags and abrasions
    •    Vent-Guard™ sandproof ventilator technology
    •    TPU exoframe reinforcement for support
    •    Spider Mesh lining for comfort and breathability
    •    Certified to EN 20347:2004 safety standard
    •    Ergonomically designed
    •    Metal detector safe with non-metallic TPU shank
    •    Lace storage system on tongue
    •    OrthoLite® shock absorbing removable sockliner
    •    Fast-rope system with SuperFabric®
    •    Spider outsole with reinforced stabilizers and flexible toe fins to silently
          grip walls
    •    Weight: 21.4 oz.
    •    COMING JULY 2011

Talking of camo, another thing caught my eye this month. This stuff isn't exactly new, it's been talked about for a few months now so isn't all that old, but it's the first time I remember seeing it in AI. I'm referring to the A-TACS produced by DCS, or Digital Concealment Systems. One or two of the regulars at Fireball have recently purchased the new A-TACS Masadas but, as yet, haven't bought into the camo

I have plenty of camo and, as my wife never tires of telling me, you can only wear one set at a time, but for some reason I really do like the look of this. Not sure how well it would 'work' in a wood but if I'm honest I never let insignificant trifles like that colour my judgement. I don't actually care. After all, I'm not doing this for a living!

Clearly, this particular pattern and colour way ought to do 'very nicely thank you' in a desert or urban environment. I play mostly in woodland settings but I already know what's likely to happen, and the more I look at the pictures the surer I'm becoming. I'll just have to persuade the wife to get rid of one or two of those little dresses she can no longer fit into! Today is Red Nose Day, after all! At least it was when I first sat down to type this up!

More information is available from the Magnum and DCS websites


Chris said...

preordered my a-tacs from land warrior thou some nicer stuff out in a month or 2 and my a-tacs pouches will arrive today from the usa :) so if you at april woodland hopefully you can check it out :)

Chris said...

forgot to say will be boots in atacs made by danner so out of my price range lol