Saturday, 9 April 2011

Operation Black Angel

OK, this event isn't happening until June, but if you're interested you will need to book and you will need to do it soon! The venue is Fireball, the event is Operation Black Angel, and here's one of the older hands to tell you more

Hello happy troopers,
Do you fancy a bit of a tear up on the NPF scud site, embassy, swamp zones including their border and bridge zones in addition to the Fireball site on 11/12 June? of course you do - it will be a blast.
Fireball Squadron's 2011 OPERATION BLACK ANGEL will be held over the weekend of June 10th, 11th and 12th. The site is open for registration and camp set up from 1400hrs on the 10th. Camping is on site with a pub and McDonalds less than 100 meters away if that is your thing. Mmmmm nice.
For this event there will be two sides identified by uniforms as follows:
American and British forces
Unit 1: British -  DPM
Unit 2: American - Multicam, desert marpat, ACU
Unit 3: PMCs - Tan or any other tan based camo
Kadjikstan Forces
Unit 1: Elite guard - Black camo
Unit 2: Kadjikistan Army - Green/OD based camo - marpat, DPM, M84
Unit 3: Mercenaries - Olive drab based camo
All players ready for action at 10am on Saturday full on until 5pm. Then chill and relax. Sunday ready for action at 10am then full on until lunchtime. 
Cost is £65 for the full weekend with a £25 deposit per player, this includes lunch on Saturday - either veggy or meaty! For an additional cost of £1.50 per day we can provide a hot breakfast roll - only available by pre booking. Mmmmm nice.
The event is being staged in association with UKAPU (United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union). Any UKAPU members will have a £5 discount on production of a valid membership card. There is also a UKAPU social area so you can meet the committee and sign up if you haven't already. You know it makes sense. Check out
Once you submit your booking (see the link below) we will confirm the place/s and the details of how to pay your deposit.
Check out the youtube teaser of Operation Black Angel below (turn sound up to the max, sit back and relax)
Check out the background to the event at
Do you fancy a tear up? Well do ya punk?
I thank you
Paul Norton
on behalf of
Fireball Squadron

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