Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ares and Zeta Labs Join Forces

You may have picked up on this from browsing other sites like, for example, the excellent WW2 Airsoft site that has recently come into existence. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then read on

It seems that Ares have recently acquired Zeta Labs, the company behind the recently released spring powered replica of the Russian Mosin Nagant sniper rifle

As such, the two rifles pictured above are being added to their 'Classic Line' range of WW2 weapons which already includes the PPSH-41 and the soon to be released 'Grease Gun'

As Ares themselves say:

Welcome Zeta Lab to become a part of ARES Airsoft company. This is a great opportunity that ARES will gain more knowledge on special feature which Zeta Lab could bring to us, and product range will be extended under ARES's ownership

Ares have a reputation for quality [when I took my PPSH to Gunmunki last weekend to have the spring chopped down a little the whoops of delight were audible for miles!] so let's hope they are true to their word and they extend the Classic Line to bring us more 'must have' WW2 replicas like the ones already on the market

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