Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Collectors Showcase: Brand New Tiger

For the most part, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking for this post. Suffice to say, when I took a look at the CS website last night and caught a glimpse of this, I very nearly wet myself with excitement!

CS have already produced one or two pieces depicting the infamous MW, but as far as I know this is the first time they have done so in this very popular 1/30th, or 60mm, scale

Having missed out on the K+C version produced a few years ago, and being an admirer of Wittmann's military exploits, this is quite simply a 'must have' for my collection. I've already emailed Dave over at TMT and asked him to contact me as soon as he has any more information

CS themselves say;

TCS is pleased to announce our latest and greatest Tiger I. This beast goes along with our now popular true 1/30th scale vehicle series. What best to go along with the new King Tiger just released but this fabulous 007 Michael Wittmann tank? We've out done ourselves and added a four figure Wittmann crew that can be posed on the vehicle ready for any Reich propaganda photographer to capture. This baby comes with the well known thrown track option and two crew. All hatches open and close on correct hinging and a winter version is also available

Wittmann's Tiger showing the now standard thrown track feature and the opening hatches

The additional crew figure set. NICE!

I particularly like the set pictured above, showing the entire crew of the most famous tank ever written about, relaxing in between epic encounters. More than that, I simply love the way they have chosen to include a sculpt of Wittmann sitting on the turret, a reproduction in metal of the iconic photograph which has appeared in countless books over the years

Indeed, said photograph has formed the basis of one of my own WW2 airsoft 'impressions'

Wittmann, of course, has been written about quite extensively and there's plenty of information out there for anyone sufficiently interested in finding out more about him, including a very informative and nicely put together website you might care to take a look at called 

Wittmann's career timeline and the major decorations awarded to him during the course of his service, both taken from the above mentioned reference site
So, there you have it. A cracking new model, and an accompanying figure set, from TCS, both of which I fully intend to add to my collection at the earliest opportunity. I leave you with a picture taken from the manufacturer's website showing both new releases in their full glory. Happy hunting!

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