Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thomas Gunn Miniatures

To date, I haven't splashed out on so much as a single figure from this manufacturer, but the more I see of them the more tempted I am, and what I'm tempted by are two things primarily

Firstly, there's the price which, when coupled with the very reasonable quality of the painting, makes them good value for money when compared with other makers. Secondly is the fact that they regularly choose to depict subjects which other mainstream makers ignore

Both of these considerations are amply illustrated by their latest batch of releases, a winter clad FJ medic tending a fallen comrade, and six beautifully executed Waffen SS cavalrymen

The cavalrymen, including two officers, come in six different poses and will be available in spring as well as winter camouflage and clothing

A few words from Tom, one of the company's founders

Dear Gunn Club, good day from a hot and humid Hong Kong!

Please find attached details of our latest releases:

SS007 A: SS Trooper on horse with rifle in winter combat gear limited to 200 pieces

SS007B: As above but in Spring 1945 colour scheme and limited to 100 pieces.

SS008A: SS Officer dismounted with horse in winter colour scheme limited to 200 pieces

SS008B: As above but once again in Spring 1945 colour scheme and limited to 100 pieces

SS009A: SS Officer reading orders, wearing winter colour scheme and limited to 210 pieces

SS009B: As above but in Spring 1945 colour scheme and limited to 110 peieces

SS010A: SS trooper patting horse in winter colour scheme, limited to 210 pieces

SS010B: As above in Spring 1945 colours limited to 110 pieces.

FJ007C: Winter medic set with dead FJ limited to 100 pieces.

The cavalry will retail at $69 or £55 in the European VAT zone and the new FJ set will retail at $57/£45 approx. The cavalry have been particularly popular already on pre-orders so please do not delay in ordering to avoid disappointment. All the above will be ready for dispatch next week as we have been notified they have already landed at Southampton docks. 2 more cavalry figures will follow next month and in July we will see the release of the Krupp truck along with a new SS artillery piece.

Once again I thank you for your support and watch out for some very exciting releases over the following months.

Kind Regards Tom

A few more pictures, showing some of the cavalry figures in more detail

Four of the six winter clad riders.....
My personal favourite. I particularly like the way the legs of the horse have been rendered

.....and more of the same, this time in spring/summer camouflage
Together they make for a very relaxed and informal looking group of riders and horses, expertly sculpted and nicely painted and, at £55 each, very keenly priced 

I've yet to make inquiries myself, but I fear I may have missed the boat as far as acquiring some of these is concerned. They are being produced in very limited numbers which, for some collectors, is yet one more reason to add to the list that make TG miniatures potentially so appealing. The company has operated this policy from the outset and I can understand the reasoning behind it. On the upside, it means that all their figures retain a certain 'scarcity' value, but on the downside it makes many of their figures virtually impossible to get hold of unless you can buy them as soon as they are released 

Oh well. Such is life. If you want some, I wish you every success. Happy hunting  

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