Sunday, 16 November 2014

King and Country: Surprise, Surprise!

Well, it's that time of year isn't it? Or it very soon will be. If like me you tend to have a rather romanticised view of the festive season and find yourself fantasising about all the very best bits of Victorian England, then you're almost sure to find something to like about the latest offerings from Andy and the team who have just announced the 'early' availability of a new range inspired by the writings of Charles Dickens, including, as you might expect, a handful of characters from that most famous of Yuletide yarns, "A Christmas Carol". Enjoy!

Hi Guys,
        Here’s an update on some new releases that are arriving a wee bit earlier than expected...


        The first figures and buildings of this whole new version of an old favorite are going to be available in less than 2 weeks time!
        They are as follows...

WoD001          “Bill Sikes”
The real “Villain of the Piece” in “Oliver Twist” and memorably portrayed by the late Oliver Reed in the 1968 Oscar winning musical “Oliver!”

WoD002          “Fagin”
Another villain, if ever there was one, although to be honest (not that he was) definitely not as bad or as cruel as Bill Sikes. He ran a “den of thieves” where, for a time, young Oliver found refuge...Thanks to...

WoD003          “Dodger”
Or to be more precise...The Artful Dodger”...Fagin’s young apprentice and destined, from an early age, to be a thief himself. Although he was always kind to Oliver.

WoD004          “Mr. Bumble”
The Beadle, a kind of community policeman and yet one more memorable character from “Oliver Twist”. In films, plays and television he is usually portrayed as a bumptious, officious kind of fellow.

WoD010          “The Postman”
In Dickens time a regular postal service had just been established in London and several other major British cities. Here, our hero delivers a cheery greeting...and a letter.

WoD011          “Jack & Sarah”
An older brother looks after his younger sister...and her favorite “dolly”.

WoD015          “Ye Old King’s Head”
An updated and upgraded version of part of our original “Dickens Street Façade”. This time we have combined the traditional, timber-framed old English Ale House with a “Tailors Shop” on the ground floor and living quarters above.

WoD016          “The Toy Shop”
Another revised and upgraded single shop/house façade from the original “Dickens Street”. This time “KING & COUNTRY TOYS” occupies the street-level shop with a very nice “bijou” residence on the upper floors.

WoD017          “Christmas Lamp Post”
Every street needs a little light and this particular gas lantern is decorated with a gaily-coloured “Christmas Wreath”...Perfect for your Yuletide display

WoD020          “The Post Box”
With the arrival of a Postal Service you must have a Post Box to post your letters in...A typical mid Victorian piece of “Street Furniture” in cheery bright red and bearing Queen Victoria’s own Royal Cypher...VR...Victoria Regina.

WoD021          “Lamp Post”
                        A plain and simple version of WoD017.

AVAILABILITY: 3rd-4th Week of November

WoD005          “Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim”
                        Father and son from Dickens’ immortal “A Christmas Carol

WoD007          “Miss Lucy”
                        A fine young Victorian lady from a very good family...or so I am told.

WoD008          “Mrs. Brown”
                        Warmly-wrapped up to face the rigors of a very chilly English winter

WoD009          “Miss Greene”
                        A pretty young lass and popular too!

WoD012          “George The Grocer”
George goes about his duties delivering two overflowing baskets of groceries to his local customers.

WoD013          “Mr. Chuckster”
This pleasant looking gent can be found in the pages of “The Old Curiosity Shop”.

WoD014          “Dick Swiveller”      
A good-hearted fellow and a lawyer’s clerk who “sometimes found time hanging heavily on his hands.” Happy enough here though and usually with a friendly greeting to one and all.

WoD018          “The Winter Fountain”
A very useful and handsome piece of snow-frosted “Street Furniture”...Looks especially good connecting two of our buildings at right angles. This winter version also has 3 little “Robin Redbreasts” sitting on the lip of the fountain.

AVAILABLE:     Mid December...just in time for Christmas!

"God bless us. Everyone."

Happy Hunting! 

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