Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: German Wings of War

TGM have announced the release of two more warbirds, one from The Great War and the other from WW2. Read on and enjoy the pictures

Dear All
TGM is pleased to announce 2 more iconic aircraft that have recently joined
our thoroughbred stables, please read below for exciting news!

The Halberstadt was one of the most successful German aircraft of WW1, being
extremely manoeuvrable with a good rate of climb and a high rate of speed.
The Halberstadt was armed with a forward firing machine gun and a rear
firing MG on a ring mount, the rear gun was sometimes fitted with a
telescopic site.

Bombs and grenades were often carried by the crew.
Approximately 900 were built and the aircraft saw service from 1917 until
the end of the war.
Our first version of the Halberstadt is from Royal Prussian Schlasta 21 as
it would have appeared in October 1918. Priced at $499, our Halberstadt also
includes GW012B Sentry figure free with this model.
Last but not least, a big thank you to Al Coleman who helped us out with the
research for the above model!

ME262 with Air to Air Rockets!

Our latest ME262 was flown by Rudolf Sinner, an ace who scored a total of 39
victories during his wartime career. Thirty of Sinners victories were scored
on the Mediterranean front, three victories on the Russian front and the
last six being on the Western front.

Sinners last aircraft was the ME262 and it was in this aircraft he scored
his last three victories.

The ME262 was one of several aircraft fitted with the W.Gr.21 an
experimental air to air rocket, based on the Nelbelwerfer rocket design.
These air to air rockets were designed to take on the USAAF's big bombers
which were decimating German industry and cities.

Sinner was known to have flown his ME 262 with the above rockets, although
whether he scored any aerial victories using them is unknown.

LUFT 13 mechanic with ladder is included free with our model, which is
priced at $599. This ME 262 is a truly beautiful looking aircraft and we
have made several improvements since our first Kurt Welter ME 262. Two more
ME 262's are planned for next year please note.

As with all our wooden aircraft they are a labour of love with over 60 hours
of work going into each one. Each aircraft comes with a full interior and
will truly be a unique piece in your collection.

We have only made 8 of the Halberstadt and 10 of the ME 262 so please email
welcome@tomgunn at your earliest convenience to reserve early in order to
avoid disappointment.

Best Wishes Vicki Lucas
TGM Marketing Manager

Happy Hunting!
Be sure to get in quick! 

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