Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Allied Wings of War

To complement the releases of the German WOW featured in the previous post, here are two Allied WOW due for release at the same time. Bombs away!

Dear All

I am pleased to announce the release of an iconic Allied  bomber from WW1,
the RE8 Harry Tate! Over 4000 RE8's saw service in WW1 and were involved in
just about every theatre including France, Palestine and Russia.

Designed as a replacement for the vulnerable BE2 bomber some novice pilots
described the RE8 as lethal, but in the hands of an experienced pilot the
RE8 proved to be a very satisfactory bomber for the time.

Eduard Ritter Von Dostler the German fighter ace was downed by an RE8 from 7
Sqn RFC and 3 Sqn Australian flying Corps claimed 50 victories in a 12 month
period whilst operating the RE8.

With a wingspan of 42 ft and 7 inches this was quite a large aircraft for
its time and even in 1/30 scale this is an impressive size model.

Our first aircraft is an RAF bomber from 34 Sqn which was piloted by Lt
Osborn and Sgt Lewis. Comes with free figure,  GW025B comprising a British
soldier in tropical gear standing guard with his dog.

Our Second aircraft is from 3 Sqn Australian Flying Corps which was piloted
by N love and M Shelley who acted as the observer. GW025C Australian Guard
figure is supplied free also with this aircraft and will only enhance your
aircraft display even more.

Our 1/30 scale aircraft are built in wood with over 60 hours of work going
into each one, each aircraft comes with full interior seats, joy stick and
dashboard. Strictly limited to 8 pieces each version worldwide, both
aircraft are priced at $450 each.

We will be posting details on our website soon but if you would like to
pre-order an aircraft please email me at welcome@tomgunn at your earliest

Best wishes Vicki Lucas
TGM Marketing Manager

Happy Hunting!

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