Friday, 15 July 2011

If Romans Are Your Thing.....

.....then you probably think this is a pretty good time to be collecting toy soldiers, after all First Legion have recently embarked on a range of Romans, and so have The Collectors Showcase

I've already referred to this addition to the TSC stable in a previous post, so this will be short and sweet. The following figures are now available to order, either direct from the company in the US or from the likes of Maison Militaire and TM Terrain here in the UK

TCS is proud to present the Claudian invasion of Britain! Once again the Roman Legions descend upon the barbarian. Witness this last attempt to subdue the Celtic horde! From war elephants to catapults, from Celtic chariots to scorpions there has never been a Roman release quite like this. With our now infamous sculpting and connoisseur paint you’ll get more of the action you’re looking for. TCS takes sculpting to a new level with these little beasts. Each piece moves like the wind. Every paint stroke convinces one that the pieces are alive!

They may lack the finesse of a First Legion paint job but, advertising blurb aside, they are certainly substantial, well animated figures and will undoubtedly look quite striking if displayed together as part of a large diorama. All in all, they represent pretty good value for money

Happy hunting!

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