Tuesday, 5 July 2011

King and Country Dispatches

Apologies for not getting this post up a little sooner but hopefully you will think it's worth the wait. As usual, K+C have announced a varied selection of soon to be released figures and, if you're a K+C collector, there's almost certain to be something here that will appeal to you, unless like me you happen to concentrate on a relatively small number of ranges

Releases include vehicles and foot figures for their Afrika Korps range, a number of additions to their Australian Light Horse series from the First World War, a whole load of aircrew and ancillary staff figures, support vehicles and a new plane for their RAF and Warbirds ranges, a few more Ancient Egyptians, the second set of figures for their Napoleon in Egypt range, and a wonderful series of figures representing an entirely new French line infantry regiment for their Napoleonic range

The third of their Volkswagen at war models, this time depicting the diminutive little car as it may have been used during the campaign in Africa

As virtually everyone knows, the German Army made much use of "captured" enemy vehicles throughout the war... Rommel's Afrika Korps was no exception!
Here, complete with driver, is one of the "liberated" vehicles, the classic British Morris 15cwt. Truck still in its 8th Army colour scheme but with prominently displayed German crosses on the sides and on top of the engine

Based on a Panzer 1 tank chassis this self-propelled gun mounts a 4.7 cm Czech-made Skoda gun and was the first German tank destroyer of WW2
In addition to the three vehicles pictured above, K+C are releasing a number of additional infantry figures to go alongside them. They can be seen here huddled together around some architectural remains from much earlier times, with a British 8th army prisoner in tow

There will be 8 new figures available in all, including the British 'Tommy'

Five more pieces for the 'Napoleon in Egypt' series

Five new support vehicles for the RAF.....

.....and a brand new Warbird, the Hawker Typhoon, shown here with support vehicles and the soon to be released additions to the RAF crew figures range

A the top of this post I referred to the fact that, in all likelihood, there would be something in this latest batch of releases to appeal to the majority of K+C collectors. I could be wrong, but there is one thing I can be certain of and that is that I won't be buying any of these new releases because I don't collect any of the ranges that they belong to

I will, however, be purchasing one of the items on their latest retirements list which includes figures from a number of ranges. Altogether there are 18 'sets' listed on the website for retirement this month, including the one pictured below. Incidentally, when this set was initially released, alongside a set depicting Hitler in a staff car during an early wartime visit to Paris, I never even added it to my wish list. The reason it's on it now is because I want to include it in a diorama I have in mind, the centre piece of which will be a recently announced new release from a different manufacturer, also referred to in a post I wrote just a few days ago. I wonder if you can guess what I'm referring to!

Waffen SS war correspondents. I want to include this set in a diorama I'm planning involving a certain well known personality who was photographed late on in the war, not long before his death

More comprehensive details, together with more mouth watering images, are available as always from the manufacturer's website. I leave you on this occasion with a glimpse of the new French line infantry regiment, marching to Waterloo in 1815. How pretty they look!

Our new "French Line Infantry Regt." is wearing the updated "1812" pattern tunic and the more relaxed (or practical) style of military dress adopted by the Emperor's army during the "100 Days" campaign following his escape from Elba 

Until next time. Happy hunting!

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