Friday, 8 July 2011

On The Offensive

I know, I need a better line in titles but, hey, I don't do this for a living!

Offensive Miniatures is a relatively recent arrival on the figure producing scene, specialising in 28mm figures aimed primarily at wargamers and modellers. In their own words.....

Offensive Miniatures is a new manufacturer of traditional 28mm wargames figures for both the wargamer and painter/collector, or both!

Take a look around the gallery for examples of our different figures and check catalogue "info" button to see what you get in each pack

It is always our intention for you to be confident that follow on packs and complementary figures for the different ranges are in the pipeline or planned, so please remember to check out the "on the bench" link

Rest assured that when we say something "is available" you can be certain that you can get it, in the full knowledge the production moulds are made

You will find regular updates on new releases on the website and in various specialist wargames magazines

At Offensive Miniatures our aim is simply to offer the finest quality figures, sculpted by some of the best sculptors around, expertly cast, and covering any period of history or the future. All miniatures sold unpainted

Let the Offensive begin ………….

So, there you have it. The company currently produces US and German WW2 paratroopers, a selection of French, British and Polish Napoleonics and two ranges of figures from the 'near future' for the sci-fi gamers out there

Here are a few pictures giving you an idea of what their German Fallschirmjaegers are like

For further information simply take a look at the website by following one of the links above, or if you have any questions or queries contact the company founder at either of the following addresses

PO Box 144,
Cheshire,SK6 9AE.
United Kingdom.


Happy hunting!

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