Monday, 11 July 2011

Thomas Gunn Miniatures

TGM have just announced the release of a few more WW2 German sets and, once again, they are interesting to say the least

What follows is a copy of their latest newsletter, together with a few images of the sets referred to therein

Dear Gunn Club

Please find pictures attached of the new releases for July which some people have already been ordering I am pleased to see! These sets will be available within 10 days for dispatch, or sooner if we get ourselves organised but can be pre-ordered as of today. We are more than happy to hold onto sets until August and you pay for them then if you have already spent your allocated budget elsewhere!

Prices below as follows:

SS014 The Messenger = £33.33

A late war SS soldier delivers urgent dispatches for his comrades at the front. Goes superbly with SS016 Command Set or with other figures of your choice. The bicycle is detachable from the figure and can be used separately if desired as a diorama piece. Winter version limited to 200 pieces worldwide

SS015 Sig 33 = £57.50

Spring 1945 version limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Comes with 1 crew member who is decorating a 150mm shell with a message for the Allies. Two letters, 'FU', have been inscribed so far in chalk, we will let you decide what the rest of the message says! Comes with detachable dirt surround for spade and 2 spare cannon shells.

SS016 Command Set = £47.92

An SS Officer relays orders to one of his men, who is busy writing down every word 'verbatim!' Very unique set that can be used with our new SIG33 Artillery set or on its own to enhance any diorama. Strictly limited to 100 pieces worldwide in this version

SS018 Tank Hunter (Looking Back) = £33.33

SS019 = £33.33 Tank Hunter (Drinking)

As with the other bike and rider set already featured here, these two riders and their bicycles come as separate pieces so they can be displayed in a variety of ways

All the winter sets are limited to 200 worldwide and the Spring 1945 versions limited to 100 sets worldwide

The SIG33 only comes with 1 crew member in order to keep costs low, but can be combined with any of the above new releases or SSW004 (Add on artillery set) which we still have a few left of here 

The Bicycle Tank Hunters and The Messenger are finely crafted pieces to say the least. Each figure will need to be 'worked' into position so he fits on his bicycle. You may need to refer to the above pictures when you receive your samples in order to make the correct fit. This particularly refers to SS018, please note the placing of the right hand on the saddle, otherwise the whole contraption will just not stand up! Don't let a little tin man on a bike get the better of you is all I can say!

Once again thank you for your support
Kind Regards, Thomas Gunn
So, a few more offerings to ponder from TGM, but if you're thinking about dipping into your pockets, don't spend too long doing so or you will probably miss the boat. 'A little quirky', 'a bit off the beaten track', 'something a little different',  are all expressions that could easily be used to describe what this company produces. 'Strictly limited in number', and 'priced to sell' would be just as applicable, and sell they most certainly will, I have no doubt about that!

Happy hunting!

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