Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rampant Romans

First Legion are at it again, beautifying the world with their latest batch of toy soldiers, on this occasion in the shape of the second set of releases in their Glory of Rome range

All their Romans pictured together, girding their loins in readiness for the imminent clash with their Germanic enemies!
Having started the range by releasing a number of Legionnaires armed with pilum and sword, the company have now provided the command figures and they are truly wonderful, as you might expect them to be

Here they are, six in all, in a bit more detail

Imperial Roman Centurion

The Optiones were important junior officers in the Roman Army, second in command of the Century to the Centurion. The Optio would enforce the Centurion's orders, take over command should the Centurion fall, and operate behind the rear ranks of the battle line to keep the troops in good order

The Aquilifer carried the eagle standard of the Roman Legion, its most prized possession.  Because of its importance, the position of the Aquilifer was a great honor and ranked its bearer above the Optiones and just below the Centurion

The Imaginifer carried the Imago, a standard bearing a portrait of the Emperor.  It was of political importance because it linked the Legion with the Emperor personally

The Cornicen marched at the head of the Centuries and was another Junior Officer of the Roman Legion whose function it was to sound off orders to the Legionnaires

The Tribunes of the Roman Legions ranked just ahead of the Centurions but below the Legate, who was in command of the Legion.  Their position was as much political as it was military

I've already mentioned that the company has big plans for this range. Not only do they intend to provide more Roman foot figures, cavalry, vignettes, personalities and artillery pieces but they will also be depicting a number of their adversaries, starting with some Germanic tribesmen. The following images come from their Workbench page and give a tantalising glimpse of what is to come

More images, together with some more historical details about the figures, are available on the company's website. Until next time. Happy hunting!

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