Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rubber Up!

Apologies for the title but rumour has it that rubber patches are fast becoming de rigueur in the airsoft world

By rubber patches I mean, of course, Velcro-backed patches that you can attach anywhere on your rig [where you already have Velcro sewn on] made of rubber rather than embroidered fabric. In short, 3D patches made of rubber!

Hazard 4, an American tactical gear manufacturer, already make a variety of these things, including the two pictured below, and their website promises more designs will come out in the future

Not too keen on the stars and stripes but I rather like the smoking skull and what I certainly like is this, the new 3D rubber patch being advertised in the current edition of AI and available at or via the Afghan Heroes web site

As they say themselves:

The Raider Union Jack IFF patch is manufactured out of hard wearing (snag free) rubber and for the first time ever presented in 3 dimensions. This desert Union Jack will fix easily to your shirt, armour or helmet, in fact anywhere you have Velcro panels

If you buy one, for £6 including postage, not only will you get to look that little bit more snazzy on the airsoft field, you will also be able to grin with self satisfaction, secure in the knowledge that you will be making a welcome contribution to the AH appeal fund

So, no reason why you shouldn't be wearing rubber the next time you're out on the skirmish field then? I know I will be!

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