Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Airsoft: Arms and Accessories

It's a long time, or it certainly feels like it, since I posted about anything to do with airsoft. For this post, I've chosen to highlight two things. These two things have one thing in common, they are both pieces of kit, but in virtually every other respect they are poles apart

The first is a set of knee pads, made by Warrior and available from UK Tactical. They look like this

Slightly smaller than the average pad, they are designed to sit in just the right place on the knee

They come with a securely fixed, rigid contoured cap

The inside of the pad is cupped and well padded

The HWI Next Generation knee pads are designed to decrease weight and drag while maintaining excellent protection. Our innovative knee pad system is designed to absorb impact force. The NGK100 is a compact solution for all tactical situations where knee protection is essential. The HWI Clip system allows the pads to be removed at speed and each tab is fully adjustable for a perfect fit. This is one of the most comfortable and well designed knee pads on the market

Well, that's the advertising blurb right there but if they're anything like the Hatch knee pads, which look virtually identical, and fasten in a virtually identical manner with quick release D-clips and Velcro adjustable elasticated straps, then they probably will be very comfortable and do everything they're supposed to for a very affordable £22 a pair. What's more, they currently come in three colour varieties, namely tan, black and the lovely Multi-cam

So, the first item I have chosen to post about is a) practical, and b) easily affordable, which is much more than can be said for the next item

Weighing in at a fairly hefty $635 this is not a cheap gun, nor is it practical for skirmishing unless you can guarantee being stuck in one place for any length of time, and you don't object to the idea of having to pick up goodness knows how many plastic, brass coloured, imitation shell casings before hoofing it off to your next location

There is an excellent review of this gun in AI, Volume 7 Issue 4, and they rate it very highly, scoring it four out of five for build quality in respect of both its external and internal parts. Rate of fire is around 740rpm, similar to the real-deal weapon, and velocity was clocked at an average of around 260fps, so no problems there. Accuracy was also pleasing, with a 10 round grouping of 13.9cm, in the reviewers own words, '.....the best shell-operated airsoft gun we've ever played with.....'

In short, utterly useless as a skirmishing tool but with 'fun factor' off the scale! It's '.....immensely entertaining to airsoft gun that will put a big smile on your face every time you use it.' So, if your bank balance can take the hit, it would make a very lovely collectible

See you again soon!

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