Saturday, 25 February 2012

Latest Additions: Wittmann Diorama

Hi folks. If you've been following this series of posts you will know that I'm in the middle of putting together a diorama featuring Michael Wittmann and the Tiger 1 he commanded at Villers-Bocage

You will also know that I now have most of the figures and vehicles I want to populate it with. Indeed, the only thing I'm waiting on now is a cute little VW in Normandy three colour camo produced by K&C as part of their Vehicles 250 series

The terrain part of the diorama is being produced by the one and only Dave Marshall of TM Terrain fame whose work has now been featured at countless toy soldier shows and is frequently seen on the pages of toy soldier and wargaming hobby magazines

He sent me an email the other day to update me on the progress of the project and included three 'work in progress' shots of the assembled display area which is made up of four 1' square boards capable of being used together or as stand alone pieces

There's quite a lot still to be done but these pictures allow you to see the overall structure of the composition. I'm very pleased with it an can hardly wait to see how it will finally turn out once the finishing touches have been put to it

It still needs painting and flocking, water needs to be added to the holes in the road and to the ditches on either side, there' a fence to be added to the left-hand side, wire fencing to be added to the existing fence posts, and a fair bit of vegetation [bushes etc.] to be placed in the gaps between and around the trees

This is the largest diorama piece I have commissioned so far and I'm very excited about it. I'll be sure to keep you posted

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