Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thomas Gunn: March Releases

It's close to the beginning of March so time for some news of recent releases from some of my favourite toy soldier manufacturers, starting with TG. Things are a little bit quieter this month as you will soon read, nevertheless there's still some interesting stuff here if, like me, you are a WW2 fan

Hello Gunn Club!

Due to CNY we had a small production glitch and therefore March releases will be much smaller than normal. I apologise in advance for any disappointment this may cause

As TGM moves further into vehicle production we have gradually increased the size of vehicles on offer and we will no doubt be offering tanks on a regular basis once we get a feel for what the market needs. Our first tank will be announced next month with something of a surprise thrown in. Those of you who like Russian Front vehicles are going to be very happy! However, on the basis that the best things come in small packages, I am pleased to announce our first German half track

SS025 The SDKFZ 253 was based on the Demag chassis and was used as a command vehicle by German officers in the field. Similar in appearance to the SDKFZ 250 this specialised variant was totally enclosed with an armoured roof. Observation was from a large circular double hatch in the roof or a single hatch at the rear of the vehicle. Another unique feature of this vehicle was the aerial which folded into a protective channel when not in use. We have supplied 2 hatches so you can choose to have your vehicle with the hatch in the open or closed position

Our vehicle comes in 3 versions limited to 150 of each variant, except the desert version which is limited to 100 pieces, and all vehicles come with a command figure

The A version is in 3 tone camouflage pattern suitable for Russia or Western Europe

Our B version comes fully winterised and the C version is suitable for North Africa with Hermann Goring style command figure 

Priced at $135 this particular vehicle is very good value for money especially when you take into account the limited numbers and the quality of the finish!!

The second release for March comes in the form of the following two infantry figures

GEB002 are two Gebirgsjager mountain troops designed to go into action with SS025 or on their own as stand alone pieces. Both are armed with the MP 44 assault rifle and are carrying military style rucksacks. Naturally we have 2 versions limited to 150 pieces of each variant with Winter 1944 and Spring 1945 being offered this time

Priced at $64 for the 2 figures as per normal

All the above will be available around 9th March, a few days away, with more pictures on our website pretty soon. That’s it for now folks. Sorry it’s such a short one but plenty more to follow later this year

Kind Regards Tom

There you have it. Once again, some excellent releases from Tom and the gang I'm sure you'll agree. Until next time, happy hunting!

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