Sunday, 17 June 2012

Latest Additions

Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of my fairly regular 'Latest Additions' post, where I show off the most recently purchased figures in my collection

Just a handful of figures to show this time around, all of them part of K&C's Berlin '38 range, and a vehicle from JJD, so far the first and only item I have from this particular maker

First up, four new figures for my Liebstandarte displays in the form of two marching riflemen, a marching flag bearer and a standing flag bearer

Now for that JJD vehicle, a First World War armoured car taken from his range of ground support vehicles and crew. Primarily designed to complement John's excellent WW1 biplanes and triplanes I thought it would look very fine indeed trundling alongside the small collection of WW1 German stormtroopers I recently embarked upon. See what you think

All in all it's a well made and interesting looking vehicle, if a little 'small' for the 60mm [and counting.....] figures produced by K&C and Thomas Gunn. The TG flamethrower figure is a veritable Goliath of a man; even when standing next to the K&C figures he looks very 'big boned'. My only other complaint, and it's not really a complaint, is that the wheels don't move and none of the doors open. These trifling little things notwithstanding, it makes for a cracking addition to the diorama

That's all for now folks. Happy hunting!

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