Friday, 31 August 2012

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: WW1

I feel like I've been away forever. The delights of a) being on holiday from work and b) having a young family to entertain have kept me away from the computer and all the supposedly 'free time' I've had to enjoy has just flown by! Well, I'm back now and kicking off with some welcome news from our friends at TGM. At last, they have released a few more figures for their new WW1 range and here they are in all their glory, together with some information courtesy of the company. Enjoy!

Dear All
After what seems an eternity TGM finally revisit WW1 with 4 great looking figures. Small things come in great packages and we hope you will find these new releases unique and at the same time 'something different' as they say. For the first time we are also offering German troops for the WW1 desert campaign with plenty more to follow later on in the year

Last month was a surprisingly busy month despite the holiday season, we have now sold out of the Puma and Hetzer at our end but I am sure some dealers will still have these items in stock

GW003 Bergmann MG15 with crew
The Bergmann machine gun was an outstanding design of German engineering, used both by the army and air force during WW1. It was not produced in as many numbers as the Maxim but it made a significant contribution to the Imperial German Army’s arsenal. The majority were used on the Eastern and Palestine fronts, often with devastating results
Our Western Front figures wear gas masks whilst laying down covering fire for their Stormtrooper colleagues who are now approaching the Allied lines

The Germans supplied thousands of troops to the Turks in their Middle East enterprise and machine gunners were highly appreciated for the amount of fire they could lay down in an attacking or defending role. LOA003 is the desert version of GW003 and features 2 gunners dressed in typical tropical gear suitable for 1918. The German army did issue a complete uniform in a khaki colour for the Middle East but these troops were sometimes mistaken for British soldiers and fired upon by their own side as well as by the Allies! Some German troops wore a mixture of European and tropical dress to counter this, whilst others switched back the European dress to avoid being shot at by their own side!

 Both sets are limited to 150 pieces and priced at $72

GW004 Stormtrooper Assault Team
Comprises 2 soldiers moving forward wearing gas masks once more. One of the troopers carries a newly issued Bergmann MP18 sub machine gun and the other is armed with a rifle and nasty looking club! An unfortunate feature of WW1 trench warfare was an array of home made weapons, many of which harked back to medieval times and could cause horrific injuries

LOA004 is the desert version of GW004 and a slight difference in arms has resulted in our running forward figure with the more traditional stick grenade as opposed to a club

Once again both versions of the set are limited to 150 pieces and are priced at $65. More sets are promised for later in the year sporting a variety of weaponry and clothing variations, too

I'm delighted to see these figures, especially the stormtrooper variants with their gas masks and multi-coloured helmets, which I fully intend to purchase to sit alongside my existing WW1 figures. I have all the K&C stormtroopers and the flamethrower figure released by TGM a while back. The company has said that they have 'toned down' the multi-coloured helmets a little so that they don't appear quite so 'bright' or 'garish'. Hopefully they will not now look too out of place with the figures I already have

Finally, a couple of pics showing the collected ensemble. Happy hunting!

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