Friday, 17 August 2012

King and Country: Wehrmacht Update

Subsequent to the release of the regular monthly dispatches just over two weeks ago now, K&C sent word of a handful of new Wehrmacht figures to be released alongside all of the other stuff next month. What follows is a brief summary of what will be available


For many years K&C has produced many different kinds of different WW2 German soldiers wearing a variety of camouflage uniforms that the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS pioneered

Now we feel it’s time to “get back to basics” i.e. return to the classic image of the German soldier from the first half of the Second World War… the simple, unadorned steel helmet, the grey/green jacket, the field-grey trousers tucked into the long jackboots. All covered in the fine dust of France and the Low Countries and the endless steppes of Russia…

WS200 “Walking Officer”
With his Schmeisser Machine Pistol slung over his back this confident officer could be somewhere in France in 1940… or anywhere in western Russia in 1941!

WS201 “Marching MG34 Gunner”
Many photos of the early war period show German infantry on the march looking tired but successful… Is this gunner’s next stop Paris… or Moscow?

WS202 “The Ammo Carrier”
MG34’s used up prodigious amounts of belted ammo and so other soldiers in the gunner’s section were detailed to “hump” additional boxes of ammunition

WS203 “NCO w/ Binos”
It was not just officers that were issued with expensive field binoculars. Even junior NCO’s managed to beg, borrow or steal a good pair of binos for their personal use

Alongside these four new regular army foot-sloggers they will also be releasing a new version of the esteemed Rommel and a rather lovely looking armoured car, both pictured below

WS196 “Rommel in France”
K&C has produced several Rommel figures, mostly in his Afrika Korps uniform but never one as he appeared in France in 1940 during his command of the 7th Panzer Division.
        Here he pauses at the side of a country road, perhaps enjoying a sandwich and a cup of coffee

WS209 “Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car”
        Another great German classic! The 222 has long been a favourite of K&C and now we’re going to release a small varied selection for different “theatres of war”. Here’s our first.
        Dust-covered and in field-grey this early/mid war version has the vehicle commander carefully protected inside the gun cupola.
        Two other versions are being released later this year…

Happy hunting!

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