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King and Country: Dispatches

Here we are, two weeks nearly into November, with another quick glimpse at the new releases and recently retired figures from K&C

Once again, all the figures previewed in last month's post are now available to purchase, or will be very soon, and if you want further details about any of the sets referred to here then take a look at the company website

We start with some US airmen and their trusty flying machine!

In 1941 and ’42 a bunch of 90 American fighter pilots were formed into the 1st
American Volunteer Group under the command of a former U.S. Army Air Corps officer called Claire Lee Chennault. Putting his men into 3 pursuit squadrons, and using the Curtiss P40, Chennault created a legend…”The Flying Tigers
In a relatively short time they had racked-up over 300 enemy aircraft shot down with the loss of a very small number of their own
K&C is proud to pay tribute to these brave flyers and their extraordinary aircraft

AF018 “Curtiss P40”Flying Tiger
Originally intended to be part of very large order going to Britain’s Royal Air Force, 100 of the planes were separated out for the Flying Tigers in China. Still sporting British camouflage they were then adorned with the famous “Shark’s Teeth” insignia and a cartoon flying tiger courtesy of the Walt Disney Studio! Our aircraft is in the personal #88 markings of former USMC pilot Kenneth A.Jernstedt who shot down 105 Japanese aircraft while flying and fighting with the “Tigers”
Planned Production Run: 250 aircraft

AF024 “Flying Tiger Pilot, David “Tex “Hill”
AF025 “ Flying Tiger Pilot, Kenneth A. Jernstedt”

Next up, some rather eye catching pieces of spiky fencing and such like for those of you collecting the Imperial Chinese range, mind you I reckon it would equally good surrounded by Romans, Vikings or even some Medieval knights or men-at-arms!

Throughout China’s long history there has been a succession of wars where neighbouring countries have tried to “smash and grab” whole states and provinces away from the central power in Beijing. To help protect the integrity of the frontier areas of the country different emperors used different methods. Several rulers built chains of “Frontier Forts” all along the perimeter of the country. Our new individual multi section defense work allows collectors to build a fort as big (or as small) as they need or have the room for…

IC051 “Chinese Fort Main Gate”
IC052 “Left Tower”
IC053 “Right Tower”
IC054 “Wooden Fences”

From Imperial China we travel forwards in time a few centuries for the latest installment of Australian Camel Corps troopers

AL036 “Australian Officer”
AL037 “Aye Ready”  
AL038 “Shirt-Sleeve Order”

From the far-flung British Empire we step back in time to the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte as K&C announce the arrival of an entirely new, elite cavalry regiment, The Horse Grenadiers of The Imperial Guard

            NA217 “Officer Turning in Saddle”            
NA218 “Officer with Regimental Guidon”
NA219 “Bugler”
NA220 “Grenadier w/Sword (looking front)”
NA221 “Grenadier w/Sword (looking left)”
NA222 “Scout Grenadier w/Musket
NA239 “Mounted Bessieres”
NA240 “Mounted Cuirassier General”

This heavy cavalry unit was reputed to be the finest horse mounted regiment not just in the Emperor’s own army but in all of Europe!

From the elite cavalry units of the Imperial French Army K&C venture to the Wild West to offer us their rendition of an elite US cavalry regiment, part of a bold and exciting new range of figures depicting Custer's Last Stand at The Battle of the Little Bighorn, fought on 25th and 26th June, 1876

The initial release consists of seven [an appropriate number] US cavalrymen, including the inimitable Custer himself, and will be followed in the Spring of next year by more cavalrymen and no less than fourteen Indians, both mounted and on foot

The commander of the famous 7th Cavalry and already a hero from the Civil War. Custer together with 210 of his men would perish on and around “Last Stand Hill” just above the Little Bighorn river. Here we show him wearing buckskin trousers with a decorative blue shirt and colourful red neckerchief. In his hands a pair of matching Royal Irish Constabulary revolvers

TRW020 “Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer”
TRW022 “Captain Myles Keogh”
TRW023 “Bugler
TRW024 “Swinging the Carbine”
TRW025 “Kneeling Firing Carbine”
TRW030 “Dead Horse”
TRW031 “On His Knees”

Finally, here is the list of those figures heading off for the happy hunting grounds in the sky. Those highlighted in red are the ones I want for my own collection!

BBA031  105 Field Gun
BBA035  Winter Motorcycle MP
BBG014  Snow Patrol
BBG049  Stug III Ausf. G
CW053    Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer
DD117    Piper in Action
DD118   Dismounted Military Policeman
DD119    Monty in Normandy
DD120    Grenadier
LAH126  BDM Girls
LAH127  German Red Cross Lady
LAH128  German Nurse
LAH129  Old Veteran
LAH130  Hitler Jugend (Small)
LAH131  Hitler Jugend (Medium)
LAH132  Hitler Jugend (Tall)
LAH148  SA Bugler

That's all for now folks. Happy hunting!

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