Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thomas Gunn Miniature: November Releases

Hello again to all you TGM collectors out there. Read on and you'll find a number of items that I'm almost certain will be of interest

First up, a WW2 German artillery piece that Collectors Showcase have also released a couple of versions of recently. I'm sure I won't be the only one eager to get my grubby little mitts on one of these. Imagine how good they'd look displayed as a battery of 3 or 4 pieces side by side!

SS049 Nebelwerfer: long awaited and here now in 3 versions: Normandy, Winter and Desert. The Nebelwerfer was an iconic German artillery piece that saw action on all three fronts. Nicknamed “Screaming Minnie” by the Allies after its signature noise made by the rockets once they had left the launcher. Although not the most accurate weapon, the Nebelwerfer was ideal for saturation bombing especially where targets were concentrated in an open area

SS050 Nebelwerfer Crew: Designed to go with our Nebelwerfer we have made 100 of each crew version to go with our rocket launchers. Priced at $31 and available mid November
Our set includes one launcher and four spare rockets. Please note the Desert version will look equally at home on a western front diorama due to the Wermacht policy of painting all military hardware a dark yellow/sand colour from 1943 onwards

We have made 120 of the winter and Normandy versions and 100 of the Desert version.
Priced at $45 and available mid November

Sticking with the WW2 theme for a moment TGM are releasing two more versions of the supply truck they introduced last month and which sold out very quickly indeed. I bought one of the field grey ones myself to sit alongside my other 1st SS Panzer Division armour and it's very lovely!

The two versions being released this month have both been painted as medical vehicles and would look delightful alongside the medical Kubelwagens already produced

SS044 Blitz: We have been inundated with requests for a new Normandy and Desert version of the famous Blitz 3 ton lorry, well here it is but with a twist! 

Both versions are decked out with medical red crosses and a few supplies for the back of the lorry. The Normandy version is in the livery of the 1st Leibstandarte SS Division whilst the Desert version will be suitable for any DAK or Italian campaign unit

Once again we have limited these to 120 pieces and priced our vehicle at $135

Last, but by no means least, here are a few more of Napoleon's finest for all you 'Nappie' collectors out there

NAP021 French Infantry: Advancing to attack with musket lowered and bayonet fixed. We have listened to collectors who requested Napoleonic figures in greatcoats and here they are! Not only that but we have reduced the overall height ever so slightly in order that they can march alongside K&C’s and the CS Napoleonic troops. Picture attached for proof in case it is needed!

Our A version figure is from the Imperial Guard and looks every bit the inch of Napoleonic splendour. Dressed in blue coat and bearskin, who would not be frightened with these troops bearing down on them!

NAP021 B comes with grey coat plus Shako and is suitable for any French Line Infantry roll call

NAP021 C comes with a traditional brown coat plus Shako and once again is suitable for any French line infantry diorama. Each set comes with 2 figures per box and priced at $64 for two figures. Limited to 65 sets of each version this must be an all time low production number for Thomas Gunn!

That's it for this month folks. See you again in December with some more news from TG and, in the meantime, happy hunting!

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