Thursday, 21 February 2013

First Legion: February Update

Just a quickie for all you FL fans out there this month, not so much a new releases announcement as an advance warning 'heads up' about a number of pieces due for release shortly

First up, a number of 'Winter Russians' wrapped up well against the bitterly cold temperatures so characteristic of the infamous Russian winter. Further details are available on the company website

Next up, two light armoured cars, both SdKfz. 222's to be precise, each worked slightly differently and both representing vehicles from the 16th Panzer Division's Recce Battalion. Feast your eyes on these!

The models are made from mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc...) and have the following features:
- Opening & Closing Metal Screens on Turret
- Fully Rotating Turret
- Gun Raises/Lowers into Ground Target or AA Firing Mode
- Non-Attached Stowage Accessories Included
Extremely realistic weathering and superb sculpting and painting - Perfectly Fits Tank Crew TC004/TC005

Don't you just love them. Just in case you aren't sold on them already, here are a few more images.

First Legion is pleased to present the latest vehicle for our Battle of Stalingrad figure range, the SdKfz 222 Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle of the 16th Panzer Division! This incredibly detailed vehicle adds to your display options for the Reconnaissance battalion of the 16th Panzer Division particularly when coupled with existing sets VEH003 SdKfz 232 and our BMW Motorcycle Combinations. Now you can put together a realistic and extensive looking armored column featuring tanks, trucks, prime movers, and reconnaissance vehicles! The model has many features such as a fully rotating turret, a gun that can be displayed lowered to engage ground targets, fully raised in anti-air mode, or in any position in between, and opening and closing anti-grenade screens on the turret. It also comes with extra stowage kit that are separate parts and can be removed from the model. Tank crew figures TC004 and TC005 were made to fit in the turret of this model, though they can of course be used with our other models as well.

Happy hunting!

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