Sunday, 10 February 2013

JJD: February Releases

Hello again, and a happy new year to all our Chinese brethren. So, what does February have in store for those of you who are fans of John's productions? Read on and enjoy!

January Releases – Now on their way

Thank you for bearing with us during the extended wait for the January Releases. They have now arrived and orders have started to go out
February Releases

The selection of February releases reinforces the old saying that great things really do come in small packages. They are available for Pre-Order now at JJD UK.
A surprise entry for the Knights of the Skies sees a 1914 Royal Naval Air Service Rolls Royce Armoured Car rumbling onto the airfield. An armoured car crewman, a wounded pilot and accessories are also on their way
Also for Knights of the Skies a Royal Flying Corps Sergeant, dressed in the1914 ‘lancer’ pattern, often referred to as a ‘Maternity’, Jacket
The Spanish Guerrillas can now march to the beat of their own Spanish Guerrilla Drummer.
Musket smoke fills the air at the Battle of Leuthen with the introduction of the first two Prussian Grenadiers firing.

In the Sudan, a new British Naval Brigade, Naval Officer, sidearm in hand, heroically leads the Naval Brigade against the local Beja warriors
The US Marines Sergeant and Corporal add flavour to the rank and file of what promises to be a fantastic new series depicting the U.S. Marines during the American Civil War
Last, but by no means least, the baggage train at the Monongahela officially becomes an equine convoy as pack horse number five delivers more supplies and equipment. As with the previous Monongahela pack horses, the baggage is interchangeable with other packhorses, allowing for considerable variety
Please note: The February Releases will be shipping to JJD UK from Mid-March.
John has sent his apologies (we are all eager to get our hands on the new items) but due to circumstances outside of his control the releases schedule has been impacted
JJD UK can ship all current in-stock items before then, special order items and new releases will be subject to delays. If you have any questions regarding how this might affect an order placed, or one you would like to place, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Release Delays

As previously stated LEUT-10 Leuthen Churchyard Gateway and PSG-05 Spanish Guerrillas, Two Monks Loading and Firing were unable to be shipped with the January releases, these two sets will be available from mid-March 2013, with the February and March releases
Club Set Releases

JJCLUBSET-12 Lieutenant Francis James Buchanan and Light Coehorn Mortar and JJCLUBSET-14 Mortar Wagon are in production. Delivery of these limited edition sets is expected in April 2013
JJCLUBSET-15 Roger’s Servant and JJCLUBSET-16 English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge are in pre-order status until 4th March 2013. If you have not already confirmed your pre-order, please let us know if you want to secure either of these limited edition sets
To recap, then, the list of February releases reads as follows:

BGC-03 Knights of the Skies, Rolls Royce Armoured Car, Royal Naval Air Service 1914
BGC-08 Knights of the Skies, Sergeant, Royal Flying Corps
PSG-04 The Peninsular War, Spanish Guerillas, Drummer
LEUT-08 The Battle of Leuthen, Prussian Grenadiers Firing
SRN-05 The Sudan, British Naval Brigade, Naval Officer
ACWM-02 The American Civil War, U.S. Marines, Seargeant and Corporal
BAL-09 The Battle on the Monongahela, Pack Horse #5

The pictures below will give you some idea of how they will look. As ever, further details are available via the JJDUK website

  Happy hunting!

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