Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Latest Additions

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time but simply haven't gotten round to taking the pictures and typing the text

I'll keep it short and sweet as I'll be following it up with a couple more featuring other figures and vehicles I've recently added to the collection

When I say recently, with some of the figures, these included, that's stretching the truth somewhat. I bought these, for instance, in October last year at the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show and have only now managed to put them up on the blog

I hope you like them

Some of you may well recognise this as a Figarti model. One of the things I like about Figarti is the fact that they are in the habit of producing slightly unusual vehicles in addition to the more 'run of the mill' varieties. This one is a captured H39 which has been given a new lick of paint and turned into a fearsome looking rocket launching platform

The set is priced at £170 from Grey Goose Collectibles and comes with one removable rocket and the two crew figures shown above. They're quite nicely painted but while I really like Figarti vehicles I'm not so keen on their figures. I find they're too 'big' to work well alongside First Legion pieces and too 'skinny' to sit perfectly alongside K&C or TGM

A close up of the two opening hatches and nicely sculpted tools fixed to the side

Finally, one or two shots of the set placed in a diorama made up entirely of K&C figures and vehicles. The terrain is all pre-made and supplied by John Gittins

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