Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Latest Additions

Without further ado, here comes the second of my planned LA installments featuring figures and vehicles recently added to my collection

This time it's a TGM vehicle, a version of the ubiquitous Opel Blitz truck painted in field grey and complete with 1st SS Panzer Division LAH markings to front and rear

I purchased this vehicle from the US as part of a larger consignment of figures and when it arrived the driver's side door had completely come away. TGM have mentioned in a couple of newsletters that similar things have happened before with other models, their recent Flak AA Quad 20mm being one such example. A quick touch up and a dab or two of Superglue soon sorted it out however

The following pictures show the OB set against the backdrop of one of my 'Normandy' dioramas alongside a number of K&C figures and vehicles

I've decided to display the OB, together with my recently acquired Raupenschlepper, as makeshift ambulances removing injured soldiers to a nearby field hospital. I already have one or two other casualty figures and with the addition of one or two more vehicles I want to try and acquire I think they would make an interesting new diorama. I might need to contact Dave at TM Terrain!

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