Thursday, 28 February 2013

Latest Additions: Berlin '38

This will be my last latest additions post this month and this time it features a number of figures for my Berlin '38 collection

They've all been recently retired by K&C. Some I managed to get hold of from Mike and the boys up at K&C UK and a couple of them I had to go elsewhere for. The 'elsewhere' I went to was Magpie Antiques over in Evesham, a shop I thoroughly recommend if you're looking for something that K&C UK have run out of

The pictures below show large, medium and small Hitler Youth boys, followed by two members of the BDM and finally a group photo showing all five of them joined in celebration of the parading SS and SA

They could be used as part of a street scene, which is where I fully intend to place them, or, as they are here, standing by a podium at one of the Nuremberg rallies

Purchased at the same time as the figures shown above was the one in the following photograph. He now stands at the top of the podium pictured in the background, heralding the arrival of the various dignitaries who have assembled to witness the spectacle of the march past taking place below. He is soon to be accompanied by a second trumpeter, who will be positioned on the opposite side of the podium, and a couple of eagle-topped columns. More pictures to follow!

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