Sunday, 9 June 2013

King and Country: Dispatches

Back to normal this month with a brief glimpse of all the 'new stuff' due to be released in June as well as images and a list of all those figure sets 'heading for the hills'. Without further ado, here are the figures you can look forward to getting your hands on this month. Images courtesy of K&C and The Toy Soldiers Club

Last month we launched our first batch of “Pathfinder” British Paratroopers to join our ARNHEM’44/Market Garden series. This month it’s the addition of seven more men of the British 1st. Airborne Division including another Victoria Cross winner

Over the years K&C has released several defense works showing different parts of Hitler’s famed “Atlantic Wall” which he hoped would halt any possible Allied invasion from Norway in the North to the Pyrenees in the South.  Here is the latest

WS193 “Normandy Pillbox”

This is one of the smaller German bunkers that could be found in Normandy and elsewhere in occupied Europe. Usually manned by 4-6 soldiers this one had 3 gunports including a large one where a machine gun could be sited. It also features a blast wall opposite the rear door and a detachable roof allowing collectors to place figures where they like. As seen in our photos this little pillbox has already received some Allied attention

Last month we journeyed back to the “Land of the Nile” with our little selection of Ancient Egyptian water craft. This month it’s a couple of millennia later with Napoleon’s Legion’s descending onto the desert sands of Egypt

From desert sands to clear blue skies over Normandy in June 1944. A brand new Mustang and a couple of pilots to crew it

Here are the latest “Classic Wehrmacht” figures along with a great looking half-track to carry them into battle. The half-track comes with a fixed driver as well as a removable MG34 and radio antenna

It’s always exciting when a new series is launched because here at Head Office in Hong Kong even we don’t know which ones will really take off like an express train. I’m delighted to say that our revitalized and refocused “Real West” series has done exactly that since we moved forward to the “Battle of  the Little Bighorn” and “Custer’s Last Stand”. Here are 7 more native American warriors including two mounted figures to pitch against the 'blue coats'

That about wraps it up for the new stuff, so what about the retirements? Well, it's another formidable list this month with lots of figures being sent to pasture, including five sets that I definitely want to add to my own collection, so another expensive month for me! Here's the list.....

BR075 Royal Welch Fusilier Officer w/ Gloves
BR076 Royal Welch Fusilier Officer Saluting
BR077 Royal Welch Fusilier Presenting Arms
BR078 Royal Welch Fusilier Making Ready
BR079 Royal Welch Fusilier Standing Firing
BR080 Royal Welch Fusilier Kneeling Firing
BR081 Fusilier Kneeling Ready
BR082 RWF Officer with King's Colour
BR082A RWF Officer with Regimental Flag
EA040 Major Paddy" Mayne S.A.S"
EA046 General Charles De Gaulle
FW004 Hindenburg
FW040 Advancing Officer
FW041 Kneeling Firing
FW042 Standing Firing
FW048 Lewis Gunner
FW058 77mm Artillery Set (1914)
FW059 Artillery Officer with Binos (1914)
IF001 Mounted Mussolini
IF004 Italian Forces, Marching Flagbearer
IF005 Italian Forces, Marching Rifleman
IF006 Italian Forces, At Attention Bugler
IF007 Italian Forces, At Ease Soldier
IF008 Italian Forces, Officer with Map
LW050 Exiting Pilot
RTA044 Dead Mexican Soldier
SOE001 Skinner's Horse Indian Subahdar
SOE002 Skinner's Horse Lancer
SOE003 Skinner's Horse British Officer
TRW004 Mounted Wolf's Head w/ Shield & Lance
TRW005 Warrior Defending
TRW006 Warrior Attacking
TRW007 Warrior w/ Knife
TRW008 Warrior w/ Musket
WS165 Pak 97/38 Anti-Tank Gun
WS166 Laying the MG42 Gun Set
WS167 Hitlerjugend, MP40 Set
WS168 Hitlerjugend, Kneeling Grenadier
WS169 Hitlerjugend, Ready...Aim...Fire

.....and here are the piccies so you can see clearly which ones you still need. The first five sets are the ones I'll be buying this month

Happy hunting!

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