Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Collectors Showcase: New WW2 Germans

A while ago I posted a couple of images of new, soon to be released Normandy and Eastern Front Germans from the team at TSC by way of a taster of things to come. Well, feast your eyes on these little beauties. Further details are available from the company website and/or your local dealer

Michael Wittmann's Tiger at the Battle of Kursk, priced at $179.90

Wittmann's Tiger with recently released tank riders clambering on board

New Normandy Hanomag, priced at $159.90

These new 'jumpers' are priced at $67.90 per set, with two figures in each set

Panzer III M, priced at $159

These new tank riders come with removable bases so you can display them as 'foot sloggers' should you so desire. They are priced at $105.90

This ruined building, somewhere in Germany, comes with two sidewalk sections and a number of bricks to scatter around and is priced at $179

Happy hunting!

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