Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Airsoft: New Sites

Howdie folks. Very nearly the end of July so this will be my last post for this month and it's just a quickie

For those airsoft enthusiasts in the Midlands region of the UK who haven't yet seen the latest issue of Airsoft International, The Birmingham Armoury and Tenbury Guns Limited have taken out a very striking full page ad promoting two new sites they have just been putting the finishing touches to

The first is a woodland site located in Tenbury Wells and the second an indoor CQB site located near Leominster. Included as part of the ad are two website addresses, one for each of the two sites, but having tested them just a few moments ago neither of them appears to be up and running yet

Best thing to do, therefore, if you want further information would be to contact Tenbury Guns or The Birmingham Armoury directly either by popping into the stores or looking up their respective websites

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