Friday, 27 September 2013

Beau Geste Digest

Well, it certainly feels like a long time since I last put together a post about the latest offerings from Ana and the team across the pond in Argentina. There are some cracking sets here so dive right in and take a look

Hello to All,

We had a GREAT time in Chicago this year. It was a wonderful show. I wish you could all be there.
I didn't want to keep you waiting for the pictures of the new sets, so I'm including them all in this newsletter. I'll feature a different newsletter for each with the historical background and comments when I come back home, and will post pictures for the show. But as this might take a few more weeks and I didn't want to keep you waiting, here are the new released sets.
365 - French Foreign Legion, Campaign Dress, 1907

366 - French Foreign Legion Marching, Campaign Dress, 1907

367 - French Foreign Legion Band, 1907
368 - Indore Military Band, Retainers Review, Delhi Durbar 1903

369 - Indore Infantry, Retainers Review, Delhi Durbar 1903

370 - Escort Guards from Kotah, group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

371 - Escort Guards from Kotah, group left, Delhi Durbar, 1903

372 - Children's Band from Kotah, Delhi Durbar, 1903

373 - Elephant of the Maharaja of Kotah, Delhi Durbar 1903

373-372-371-370 - The Kotah Group, Delhi Durbar 1903
I will re-take a few of the images when I'm back home, since I took the pictures in a rush before leaving Buenos Aires and some of them are not as neat and colorful as I'd like them to be. 
I'll be working on the official newsletters around the end of October. I just didn't want the Durbar collectors waitng to see the new elephant for so long. 
The collectors that saw them in person at the show had the advantage of buying the new sets there or place their orders, and it didn't sound fair for all of you who couldn't attend.
I'll be in touch. I hope you like them.
Ana Donzino

Happy hunting!

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