Saturday, 30 November 2013

First Legion: The Forgotten Bits!

You'll never guess what landed in my in-tray earlier today. The November newsletter from First Legion which included details of all the new releases mentioned in the previous post as well as two American Revolution personalities that have been featured on the company's Workbench page for some time and a bunch of 'sneak peaks' thrown in for good measure. Read on and enjoy!

First Legion is extremely pleased to present the first of our personality figures of the American Revolution! 

Long previewed on our workbench, we are excited to finally bring you AWI056 General Cornwallis & His Dogs.  

In addition, of course we had to do a Mounted General Washington to lead the Continentals on to victory.  We sincerely hope you enjoy them!

AWI056 General Cornwallis & His Dogs - $179.95
AWI057 General George Washington - $159.95

Following the success of the first two releases in our “vignette” series, the Death of Lannes and French Camp Life, we are pleased to present this preview of the next such vignette for our flagship Napoleon’s Europe product range.   

This time we have selected a moment on the evening before the Battle of Borodino where the Virgin of Smolensk Icon was paraded before the Russian Army to prepare them for the horror that would follow the next morning.    

We hope you like it!

Next, for our Battle of Stalingrad range we have this small preview of the first of our truly ragged winter Germans depicting the very end of the Battle.   

These two figures are doing their best to keep warm and prepare some food cleverly using their MG34 to assist in the process. 

And last but by no means least, we have a preview of the first of our Confederate mounted personalities from our American Civil War range, Generals Lee and Longstreet!

Happy Hunting! 

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