Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: New Year Releases

New Year releases from Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Thomas Gunn

New Releases Expected Late January!
French Foreign Legion

African Wars

Features 2 more Privates from the 24th Regiment charging into action. Supplies to the troops in the far flung corners of the empire were sometimes erratic in getting through. We therefore try to show some of our soldiers in locally acquired items rather than the official uniform guide you see in Hollywood films! Our A version soldiers wear locally made white trousers with one soldier wearing a leather style slouch hat. The B version wear the more traditional blue trousers with one figure sporting a nasty head wound and the other wearing army issue Sola Topee hat. Limited to 100 of each version.

Berlin 1938 Parade Series

The SA were the strong arm wing of the Nazis used by Hitler to enforce his policy, with use of any means deemed necessary! We have two more additions to this series in the form of mounted figures!
  • BER007 -- Mounted SA Officer - Mounted SA Officer on white and grey horse reviewing SA troops as they march past. Limited to 100 in number
  • BER008 -- Mounted Police trooper - Great for a parade item, these SA mounted Police are ideal on parade or actually policing the parade - you choose! Limited to 100 in number.
  • TG-FREE008 -- Von Kleist - A Field Marshall in the German army, Von Kleist was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for his service to the Reich during WW2.
    Serving with distinction on the Western front in the early part of the war, he was then transferred to the Eastern Front until 1944. Kleist was dismissed by Hitler in March 1944 who wanted more ruthless Generals prepared to carry out his orders, regardless of the human cost. Von Kleist was handed over to the Yugoslav government at the end of the war by the UK government.
    The Yugoslavs sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment for unspecified war crimes. Three years into his sentence Von Kleist was handed over to the Soviets who then charged him with amongst other things, with being kinder to the Soviet people than the Soviet government! Von Kleist died in solitary confinement in a Russian prison age 73, the highest ranking German officer to die in Soviet captivity.
    This figure is limited to 100 pieces

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