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King and Country: February Dispatches

By The Shores Of Galilee...

The latest installment of "The Life Of Jesus."
  • LoJ030 -- The Galilean Fishing Boat - These small wooden fishing craft were a familiar sight throughout the Middle East, around the shores of the Mediterranean and on the banks, lakes and rivers of the Holy Land. Up until the mid-19th Century they were still to be seen. Here we have one of the most famous...
  • LoJ031 -- Jesus - This, the first of our adult Jesus figures. It portrays him at the beginning of his ministry...calling to some of his earliest disciples - simple fishermen by the shores of Galilee.
  • LoJ032 -- The Fishermen Set - These three men, surrounded by their nets and baskets of fish are just going about their everyday lives when they hear the call, "Follow Me!"





Triumph Of The Will

Or to give it the German title "Triumph Des Willens." This was the 1935 film by Leni Riefenstahl depicting the 1934 Nazi Party Congress held in Nuremberg. In the film Hitler and over 700,000 of his supporters parade through its streets and sports grounds in a spectacular if frightening display of power and propaganda.
Because of its pioneering use of many original filming techniques blended with powerful music and speeches the film won many international awards.
It's also extremely useful to anyone researching the many different uniforms worn by the leading Nazis and their followers during this period.
These latest LAH figures were adapted from figures and scenes in the film.



Last year in 2013, Andy discovered a unique German television drama series about 5 young Germans during WW2. "Unsere Mütter Unsere Väter"
("Our Mothers Our Fathers") told the stories of what befell these young people during the years 1941-45. Most of the story takes place on the Eastern Front where one of the characters is a Red Cross nurse in a German Field Hospital. Several viewings convinced me and our creative team that it was about time to tell a different kind of war story in miniature...
  • WS258 -- Opel Blitz Field Ambulance - One of the iconic German wartime vehicles was the "Opel Blitz." It performed a multitude of different tasks but perhaps none so important as a "Field Ambulance."
    This new K&C vehicle, is I believe, one of the finest the company has ever produced and one of the most important for any WW2 collector.
    Skillfully hand-painted in dust-encrusted field grey and white this vehicle can be easily imagined on the roads of France in 1940...the Steppes of Russia in 1941...even among the ruins of the Third Reich in 1945. Its versatility and usefulness is virtually second-to-none.
  • WS261 -- Wehramcht Doctor - Although wearing his white doctor's coat this figure is still a military officer. Here, he consults a patient's chart.
  • WS262 -- Red Cross Nurse - As any nurse will tell you - "it's not all about wiping the patient's fevered brow"...This young nurse has rolled up her sleeves - the better to clear away the blood-stained bandages and used-wound dressings!
  • WS263 -- Writing Home - A sitting nurse, pad and pen in hand, patiently writes a letter home on behalf of a young wounded, blind soldier.
  • WS264 -- "Now This Might Hurt A Little..." - A sitting wounded soldier has his wound rebandaged by a standing Red Cross nurse.
  • WS265 -- "We'll Soon Have You Back At The Front!" - Another nurse bids farewell to a wounded soldier as he prepares to return to his unit. Actually, he might not be as keen as her to get back into the action!
  • WS266 -- The Chest Wound - A seriously wounded soldier lies peacefully on his hospital cot - only too happy to have clean sheets, a little peace and quiet and three hot meals a day.
  • WS269 -- The Empty Bed - Perhaps the patient has returned to his unit...been transferred elsewhere...or succumbed to his wounds. Whatever the reason...the bed will not be empty for long!


A very useful little addition for all kinds of armoured vehicles...


Soviet Armoured Car Changes Sides

  • WS245 -- BA-64B Armoured Car (Captured German Version) - As K&C collectors know the Wehrmacht made much use of captured enemy vehicles whenever and wherever they were suitable...and available.
    This little Soviet-built armoured car was captured in quantity by the Germans and easily converted for their own use...particularly on Anti-Partisan Duties in the occupied territories of the East. A coat of "feldgrau" and some large German crosses and...and you have another excellent addition to the war in the East.

Heading for the Hills  

Happy Hunting

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