Friday, 6 June 2014

The Collectors Showcase: Latest Releases

If you want to find out plenty of information about the latest releases from TCS then look no further

Collectors Showcase

New Releases Expected Late June 2014!
Roman Collection

Berdans Sharpshooters - American Civil War

Mosby's Rangers - American Civil War

German WWII

The Stug was the be all end all for Germany's depleted Wehrmacht. Initially proposed as a cheap turretless self propelled gun to aid advancing infantry, the Sturmgeschutze quickly developed into a defensive stop gap weapon to slow the Russian Juggernaut. Built on the PzKfw III chassis it was cheap and easy to build. With a low silhouette and a high velocity gun it was a dangerous adversary.  Available  Normandy and Winter versions. Comes with one figure and an open and closed hatch option.

Happy Hunting!

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